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How To Create An App?

When the question arises of how to get an application, the obvious answer is to contact a qualified specialist. Few people think about creating it on their own. Most likely, they simply do not know that there are many designers on the Internet for developing such programs, and they do not require special skills or knowledge from the user, for example, in layout or programming. If all this seems complicated, if you need to get the application urgently or you need to create technically complex software, then it is better to hire mobile app developers so that the product is guaranteed to be of high quality and created within the allotted time.

If this is a simple product, the creation of which is not limited in time, then you can use the proposed online constructor. The products created in them can even be used to work with clients or put on the public App Store or some other. Although such a procedure, although it is distinguished by its simplicity, also has its own difficulties and nuances.

What do you need to create a mobile application?

What you need to develop a mobile application depends entirely on what kind of product is needed and what goals it pursues. The main condition for this work is the presence of a laptop or computer with Internet access. You also need a smartphone to check the created product, its functionality and reliability.

To create an application, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Determining the purpose and functionality of the future application. This step also includes planning for monetization, if it is provided in the program.
  2. The choice of a suitable constructor for the implementation of plans from the first point.
  3. Passing registration and paying for a subscription, if necessary.
  4. Choosing a suitable template, filling it with content.
  5. Personalization of the template by adding a photo, logo and other elements to it.

The created application will need to be tested to identify existing errors and get rid of them. After that, you can upload the application to the Store or offer it to your customers, employees, and target audience.

How to estimate the cost of developing a mobile application?

The development of a mobile application begins with the calculation of its cost. The size of the budget depends on how functional and high-quality the product will be. If you order work from a developer, then his price will be made up of terms, experience in this field and the level of complexity of the project.

If you plan to create a product through an online constructor, then the numbers there will be very different:

  1. There are absolutely free versions, which is their advantage. The downside is limited functionality. This option is suitable if you need a product of a simple level without bells and whistles.
  2. Light and Pro version constructors. The first is ready to offer simplified functionality. By choosing the Professional version, you can use an expanded set of options and create complex products. In this case, the payment will be from 300 to 500 dollars.
  3. There are constructors with a monthly payment, if a mobile application is created more than once. In this case, the payment will be equal to 20-30 dollars.

The service for placing the application in the store is paid separately. For example, in the App Store it is almost $100, and in the Android Market it is $25.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a mobile application

After the price issue is resolved, you can proceed directly to the sale of the product. A mobile application is created according to the following scheme:

  1. Preparatory stage. This step can be called “brainstorming”. Its main task is to answer important questions like:
    1. the purpose of the future application;
    2. what will the consumer get from using this product;
    3. what features should be in the application so that the user can easily get what they want;
    4. platforms that support the program – Android, IOS, Windows;
    5. the appropriate method of creation and the budget allocated for development;
    6. services during use and after application launch.
  2. The main stage is product development. A detailed analysis allows you to understand what functions should be in the product and what are its technical characteristics. Based on this, you can choose a suitable designer. Templates can be general and thematic. For example, if we take the thematic version, then the designers for MobiCart online stores are accompanied by templates that already take into account all the important details.
  3. Product launch and testing. Before you release your offspring into free swimming, you need to make sure that it functions correctly. To do this, the program is tested. This stage will help to identify gaps in the work and patch them so that during full operation the user does not encounter program failures. During testing, the following points are checked:
    1. whether all tools and functions work correctly;
    2. whether the program works on all envisaged operating systems;
    3. whether the software can withstand the loads intended for it;
    4. whether speed drops affect the performance of the application.
  4. Promotion. Applications are created or ordered from developers, like different companies and a large number of them. You don’t have to assume that you just need to create and launch an application in the public store, and it will immediately become popular. The competition is too high. In order for the application to notice as many as possible, it needs to be promoted. This is done by specialized companies that know how to reach the target audience and increase traffic, downloads and software popularity.

In order for the application to be successful in the store and people would like to not only purchase or download it, but also leave it on their smartphone for further use, you must complete the following steps:

  • regularly update the software;
  • periodically use push notifications. These may be messages about discounts, promotions or other loyal offers. The bottom line is not just to remind yourself, but to re-interest the user, make him look again at the application and get acquainted with new, tempting offers;
  • constantly add new options, tools and expand the capabilities of customers in order to increase the level of comfort, and also so that users do not get bored of the monotony;
  • always process reviews on different sites.

This applies to programs of various types and directions, including informational, entertaining and educational.

What else is worth knowing about the types of such web software?

Mobile applications are a real must-have today, because it is known that absolutely all people around the world use them. They are comfortable, mega functional, practical. In addition, since they are divided into types – native, web software, hybrid, it is important to simply understand which product is suitable for what purposes.

For example, applications that are on the very specific gadget are considered native, while they can be accessed simply by clicking on the icon. But web software differs in that it looks more like online resources that simply open on users’ mobile smartphones. True, the web application also feels like it is native software.

But as for hybrid ones, they are a whole symbiosis of web products. That is, they already have a lot of interesting options built in with which you can communicate and exchange data. Also, with the help of such web applications, it is possible to process information in a simplified mode through the browser installed on the Android operating system, built into this particular web application.

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