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Using Your Network to Help Find a Job

Unless You are a Hermit Living in a Cave, You Already Have a Network

Networking is basically a combination of word-of-mouth advertising and information gathering. A network in this case is the people you know and who know you.

This includes family, friends, current and former co-workers along with business and personal acquaintances. These people are in contact with other people, some of whom may be employers, which means that they are in a position to inform you about potential job opportunities and/or inform employers about your availability.

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One of the first things that you should do after getting laid off from a job is to let your family, friends, and, most importantly, business contacts know that you are looking for work.

Many people, especially those in areas like sales and coursework help, maintain contact information and keep in touch on a regular basis with a network of business and personal contacts with whom they exchange information about sales leads and other information of use in the course of their professional lives.

When such a person finds himself/herself laid off, or simply decides it is time to move on and find a new position or employer, they contact these people to let them know they are looking for a new position and ask them to let them know if they hear of employers looking for people with their qualifications.

When Job Seeking You Need to Use Your Network If Only for Names to Use as Personal References

In addition to job leads, you can also turn to people in your network for advice on what particular jobs might involve in terms of education and experience required, what a manager is realistically looking for in a new employee as opposed to what the HR Department has put in the job description. For example, when somebody wants to hire essay writer, different departments of one service may seek for different qualities in you.

You can also often get advice and information on what it is like to work for certain employers, what to expect in terms of pay and benefits with certain employers (this information can help you to prepare, in advance, an answer for when an interviewer asks you what you are looking for in terms of pay) as well as sometimes introduce you to managers and business owners who would be interested in hiring someone with your skills but haven’t gotten around to advertising for such a person.

Even if you don’t use your network for any of the above activities when looking for work you will generally have to come up with three to five names of people, usually people other than family members or former employers, to use as personal references on job applications like an essay writer in his true form.

Asking people you know for permission (and asking beforehand is the polite thing to do) to use them as a reference is another use of your network itself. Whether you realize it or not, the people you ask are a part of your network and by asking for permission and using them as references you are making use of your network in your job search.

With a little more thought and effort you could probably utilize these and others in your network for additional job search assistance

Most of Us Used Our Contacts in High School and College When We Wanted to Be Introduced to a Person We Wished to Date

Everybody has a network. In fact, if we think back to our high school or college days, this is very similar to the times when we saw someone who we wished to know romantically and turned to friends who knew that person to arrange an introduction.

This was networking. However, many either don’t think to use the circle of people they know for job seeking or, except for a small group of close friends and family, don’t maintain the information necessary to identify and contact the people who could be of help in their job search.

The time, of course, to begin keeping track of people and keeping in contact with them is before you lose your job. However, this can still be done after losing your job. Simply take some time to sit down and begin writing down names of everyone you know or have done business with in the past and begin looking for them.

There will be some whom you are in contact with regularly and simply asking them for assistance in finding and contacting others will both let these people know that you are looking for work as well obtaining contact information for other mutual acquaintances who can be of help. They may even introduce you to new people, who they know but you don’t, who can help you with job leads.

Maintaining Your Network

A network is more than just keeping a file of names and addresses of people you know. It also means staying in touch periodically during normal times when you are not looking for work or not seeking information for business projects.

This is usually easy with friends and family whom you have strong social relationships but can be a little more difficult with purely business and professional contacts.

In the case of business and professional contacts you should try to get to know them and connect with them on a personal level by learning a little bit about them personally so that when you interact with them on routine business matters you can ask about their family, hobby, etc. thereby engaging in a minute or two of small talk that is not related to business. Getting to know them on a personal level can make it easier to call on them for assistance when you need it.

Maintaining a network also involves being willing to offer information term papers and assistance when those in your network contact you for advice and help with a job search or a business problem.

Ironically, while many of us feel uncomfortable asking people for help with a job search or business problem we are, more often than not, flattered when people we know turn to us for such advice and help.

The truth is, sharing information is not difficult or time-consuming. In reality, being asked for such assistance usually makes us feel important – after all, here is a person with a big problem and he or she is turning to us seeking our expertise and advice. This can be great for one’s ego.

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