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Why You Should Learn To Play A New Instrument As An Adult – And How Technology Can Help You

The beneficial effects of music on our physical and psychological well-being have been proven for ages. Learning to play an instrument as an adult can help you develop and broaden your cognitive and motor skills. Thousands of adults learn to play an instrument every day. This experience comes to disprove the fallacy that music can be understood only during childhood. Beyond the social, cultural and individual embellishments, learning to play a new instrument as an adult can have multiple health benefits.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Music motivates and encourages. Learning music at an advanced age is more accessible nowadays than a few decades ago. You can find individual or group classes face-to-face or online training lessons. Learning to play an instrument helps to reduce stress and anxiety. When you play an instrument, it requires all your concentration. Different devices have different effects on you: wind instruments like saxophone or clarinet help you control the air and breathe properly, chordophone instruments like piano help you train your body memory and relax.

Learning to play the piano can be very entertaining. Piano notes for example are musical alphabets, letters that create patterns and help you talk and express your emotions. Learning to play an instrument means setting a realistic goal and transforming the negative energy into a productive, positive motivation. Motivation boosts serotonin generation and reduces anxiety levels.

Strengthens Your Immune System

It may sound strange but playing a musical instrument makes your immune system more robust and resistant. Daniel J. Levitin of McGill University’s Psychology Department in collaboration with one of his colleagues, carried out meta-analytic research of people who were learning to play or were already playing a musical instrument. According to this study playing a musical instrument activates the immunoglobulin-A, a strong virus-cell demolisher. Music creates a one-of-a-kind helmet for your body and helps fight dangerous viruses.

Reduces Hearing Loss

Age-related hearing loss is less common among people who play a musical instrument. Benjamin Zendel, a researcher from Toronto’s Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute, assures that adults who play an instrument are exposed to listening to music regularly. This experience makes their brain active and closely connected to the ear and delays age-related hearing loss. If you play music in a band, you have even fewer chances to get deaf.

Reduces Memory Loss

The inspiration of learning a musical instrument is the first step to enhancing your cognitive skills and training your memory. This experience requires intense concentration and multifunctional skill discipline. To avoid memory loss, you should follow some rules:

  • Keep your mind engaged and motivated
  • Be physically active
  • Interact socially
  • Be organized

These are only some key points to avoid memory loss. When you learn to play a musical instrument as an adult, you include most of these key points in your experience. Music motivates, keeps your mind busy, gives you organizational and discipline skills, and helps you interact with the community in the language of music. You train your brain while learning music; it is a unique anti-calc filter for your brain. This is also related to the blood flow to your brain while playing a musical instrument.

Meet New People

The social-communicative function of music helps you create a new network and contact people. It is really difficult for adults to find connections with similar opinions and preferences at an advanced age. Learning to play a musical instrument can be an excellent opportunity to take group classes or play in a band and meet people with the same passion for the same international language -MUSIC. Concerts and public performances are the logical continuations of these social contacts.

Technology and Music Classes

Technology has entered all the spheres of our existence. It has a significant impact on education. Learning to play a musical instrument is not already a compulsory face-to-face activity but can be a virtual experience. Your learning practice can be accomplished by using online apps to practice. Technology has made the learning process more flexible and entertaining. Many apps offer instrument learning online classes or separate skill-enhancing training; handouts are created and available for music learners. It helps you to connect and practice from anywhere and anytime.

Music learners actively use ear training apps, interactive whiteboards, practice apps, Interactive instrument lesson apps, and more. In other words, technology and music are joined at the hip.

The Takeaway


You can learn to play a musical instrument at any age, whether a child, teenager or adult. This experience has beneficial effects on your physical and mental well-being. Playing a musical instrument helps you conduct your overwhelming thoughts towards something motivating and beautiful. As an adult music learner, on the one hand, you can reduce your stress levels and decrease anxiety symptoms. On the other hand, your physical health also gains points by raising the immune system resistance and lowering age-related issues, such as hearing or memory loss. Technology makes this process more flexible and fun.

Do not hesitate and start learning to play a musical instrument. It is not just a simple hobby, but also a happy and health-boosting experience. What else do we need?!

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