The Batman Ending Explained, Who Was The Person At The End Of The Batman?


What occurs at the conclusion of The Batman? Set in the early years of Bruce Wayne’s (Pattinson) war on crime, the picture follows the world’s finest detective as he takes on his most difficult case yet when a new serial murderer begins targeting Gotham’s elite, beginning with the mayor.

This mad monster, known as The Riddler (Paul Dano), strives to unveil the terrible truth at the core of Gotham City. While investigating the mayor’s murder, Batman discovers another mystery: Annika, a missing girl with links to Catwoman (Zo Kravitz). What is the connection between the two crimes, and what is the secret at the core of Gotham?

If you’re having trouble grasping the finale of this broody dark thriller, you’re not alone. The Batman has as many plot twists as a set of headphones left in a washing machine. But don’t be concerned. We’re here to assist you to untangle this Gordian knot of a story. It goes without saying that there will be spoilers ahead, but here’s how The Batman Ending is described…


As The Riddler’s campaign against Gotham’s great and not-so-great intensifies, the serial murderer focuses his sights on the city’s secluded prince, Bruce Wayne himself. Unfortunately, the so-called world’s finest detective didn’t realize he was the target until he was interrogating the Penguin (Colin Farrell) with Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright).

As a result, he’s too late to prevent Alfred (Andy Serkis), his dedicated servant/father figure, from opening a suspicious letter written to Bruce Wayne. An explosion rattles Wayne Tower as Alfred peels open the envelope, and Alfred is hospitalized, leaving Bruce horrified. The Riddler’s onslaught, however, does not stop there.


The mysterious danger launches a systematic assault on the Wayne family’s image, revealing to the world that Gotham’s aristocratic family is not as spotless as everyone believes. The villain accuses Thomas Wayne of using his mob connections to assassinate a reporter, Edward Elliot, who was plotting to use Martha Wayne’s background of mental illness to undermine Thomas’ political career.

Devastated that his father was not the paragon of morality he assumed him to be, and questioning his whole goal, Bruce contacts Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), the mafia leader who Thomas allegedly employed to murder the nosy journalist. Falcone admits to Bruce that Thomas approached him to have Edward silenced, but reveals that the journalist was in the pay of the city’s former reigning crime leader Maroni.

Maroni allegedly worried about what Thomas would do as mayor and wanted Thomas out of the way. Falcone planned to have Marth and Thomas assassinated after Falcone’s hit on Elliot, and he was much more anxious about the idea of a Falconi-controlled Mayor Wayne.

Feeling betrayed by Falcone’s disclosure, Bruce pays a visit to Alfred in the hospital to confront his Butler over not informing him that his beloved old father was a criminal. Alfred, on the other hand, is having none of it, claiming that Falcone is attempting to manipulate the situation. Falcone did, in fact, murder Elliot, and Thomas had ordered Falcone to quiet (rather than kill) the journalist, not to safeguard his political future, but to keep Martha’s troubles hidden from the world.

When Falcone murdered Elliot, Thomas appeared to be upset and vowed to go to the police and confess what he and Falcone had done. The older Wayne was killed down before he could call the cops. While Alfred cannot prove it, he believes Falcone, not Maroni, murdered Bruce’s parents.

With his trust in his purpose restored, Bruce returns to the streets as Batman notices the Bat-Signal in the sky. When he arrives, he is greeted by a puzzled Gordon, and it is revealed that Catwoman ignited the beacon. Selina has found the guy responsible for the death of her friend Annika earlier in the film, and he is a Gotham City officer who moonlights as a security guard at the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge.

Selina shows Gordon and Bats a voice memo Annika made on her phone, which suggests Falcone was the one who murdered her. Annika appears to have discovered the terrible plot The Riddler has been attempting to assist Batman to uncover through her friendship with the mayor (The Riddler’s first victim).

It appears that following the Waynes’ deaths, their charity organization ‘Renewal,’ which was worth billions, was left unprotected. Maroni, the previous crime lord of Gotham, and the city’s elites utilized the money for their own purposes, ignoring the poor while feathering their own nests. The mayor and his team became greedy over time and planned to get rid of Maroni.

They revealed Maroni’s drug enterprise and had him arrested using Falcone as an anonymous criminal informant. However, this did not put an end to the narcotics trade in Gotham. Falcone took control and gradually rose to prominence, effectively reigning as the city’s true mayor, with Renewal serving as his personal piggy bank.

Catwoman decides to exact her vengeance on Falcone by kicking the corrupt police she captured out of the building. Selina then proceeds to Falcone’s office, where she informs the mafia leader that she is his daughter (a lot occurs in this film) and takes a shot at him. Fortunately for Falcone, Batman opposes the death sentence, even for scumbags, and talks Catwoman out of executing the crime boss.