Who Is Deepti Dating Now? ‘Love is Blind’ Stardome Actress Love Life Explained!


The second season of the dating reality television series “Love is Blind” aired on Netflix on February 11, 2022. And, most recently, the season came to an end on February 25th!  And, as the title implies, “Love is Blind” follows 30 men and women who are yearning for love but cannot see one other until ultimately teaming up! This reality dating series was intended to see if individuals can fall in love with someone regardless of physical realities or outward qualities or looks! The filmmakers want to know if love is indeed blind!

Contestants are required to converse with other marriage-minded individuals. They simply need to know the other by listing the sound in the pods on the other side of the wall. The producers urge the candidates to find others via heart connections rather than physical looks. They are asked if they are ready to be engaged after the speed date. Surprisingly, they are still not permitted to visit the other person. And when the pair eventually makes up their minds, they are confronted face-to-face! After all of the processes, the pair must decide whether to continue their romance or end it at the altar on their wedding day!

And you’d be shocked to learn that against all obstacles in Deepti’s quest to locate her significant other, she and her chosen one remained together till the end. What occurred after that, though? Have they defined their partnership by marrying, or have they ended their relationship as a result of their divergent thought, perspective, and attitude about viewing this show? Above all, who is Deepti now dating?

Who is Deepti now dating? Did She speak the words “I do”?

Deepti Vempati, an information data analyst, collaborated with Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, a vet/house DJ, on the second season of “Love Is Blind.” They are both of Indian descent. Surprisingly, he revealed on the show that before the connection, they had always connected with white people, which they told each other via pods. This seemed to be the only thing the two have in common! Aside from that, Deepti and her selected partner’s differences began to emerge towards the start of the season. Despite this, they made it all the way to the end!

But it was the day that Deepti Vempati summoned all of her strength to make the audacious choice to decline the wedding! Deepti was certain of what she was doing, even though she had tears in her eyes when talking with the family! And now their followers believe they’ve said “I do!” Saying no was the correct option. Deepti hasn’t dated anyone since the breakup, thus she’s single! But why did he make this heartbreaking decision even after reaching the finale, and why do fans believe he did the right thing? Let’s see what happens!

Love is Blind’ Stardome Actress Love Life Explained!

Are Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati from Love Is Blind Season 2 still together? Deepti, a 31-year-old information data analyst, and Shake, a 33-year-old veterinarian, and house DJ, met and became engaged in The Pods on Love Is Blind Season 2, but split up before their wedding during the finale because Shake couldn’t provide Deepti with the security she required in their relationship. Though fans questioned if Shake and Deepti reconnected after Love Is Blind Season 2 wrapped, Deepti’s brother, Sunny Vempati, and his partner, Hina, stated that her family and Shake aren’t on good terms following what he said about Deepti on Love Is Blind.

Deepu, we are ecstatic about you!!! We’ve seen you grow into such a great and beautiful lady, and you’ve encouraged so many people to recognize their own value and demand and accept nothing less. “We wish you hadn’t chosen that [clown], but despite his childishness, you conducted yourself with grace and continued to see the good in humanity,” Sunny said in a February 2022 Instagram post. “Now, typically, I don’t get involved in drama, but I’m going to defend my sister here: ‘Shake, bruh, you’re a loser,” the post said. You diminished my sister’s life by making some heinous and cringe-worthy remarks about her. You made these remarks knowing your own mother would view it one day; my parents and my entire family had to go through you speak behind my sister’s back about insecurities she had battled her entire life. Despite your remarks about her physique on and off camera, she remained exclusively supportive of you, despite our best efforts to persuade her to see through your BS. THAT’S the kind of person she is.” “Despite your best efforts to claim this was all made up and it was due of the ‘edit,’ no one compelled you to speak those words,” the statement said. We invited you into our house, and you viewed it as a chance for clout; so, please forgive me if I’m not sympathetic to you and the hatred you’re facing. Good luck with the rest of your life, and don’t f–k with my sister.”

Shake and Deepti, who are both of Indian ancestry, discussed how they’ve mostly dated white guys in the past during episode 1. “You’ve never dated an Indian female,” Deepti said of Shake, who replied, “Honestly, no.” “That’s really hilarious,” Deepti said. I also prefer blondes. In fact, I’ve only ever dated white men.” “We’re both brown folks who have exclusively dated white people,” Shake said. Shake, on the other hand, asked Deepti if she loved music festivals and being on her significant other’s shoulders. “Yeah, you’re up for the task,” Deepti said. “Are you available to take me up?” “Yeah,” Shake said. But will it be difficult for me to take you up?” Deepti was insulted by the inquiry and answered, “Actually, that comes off as quite superficial.” “Shake doesn’t understand how Love Is Blind is meant to operate here,” she said in a frank interview. The main objective is to discover who we are as individuals. “Not at all, can you carry me?”

However, Shake and Deepti’s love revived, and they got engaged and met in person for the first time before going on a retreat in Mexico. Deepti and Shake hit a rocky patch in episode 4 when Shake sees how much quicker Deepti is traveling than him. “I’m taking it one hour at a time,” he explained. In a candid interview, he stated that he was unsure about his and Deepti’s physical relationship. “Honestly, I was a little nervous on our first night together.” Spending physical time with one other. “I’m not sure whether I’m experiencing the sort of physical connection I hoped to experience,” he said. “I said stuff like, ‘We’re going to be married.'” We’re going to have babies,’ and stuff like that, and hearing it back from Deeps, it feels fantastic at moments, but also terrifying at times. There are just a few times when I think, ‘Oh my God.’ Perhaps this is a manifestation of commitment anxiety.”

In episode 10, Shake and Deepti split up at their wedding because Deepti discovered Shake didn’t care as much about her as she did for him and couldn’t offer her what she wanted. Deepti left the altar to be reunited with her parents, who informed her how “proud” they were of her decision, while Shake stayed at the wedding and danced with the guests. Deepti and Shake were both on Instagram at the time Love Is Blind Season 2 began. (They have subsequently unfollowed one another.) Deepti also commented on Shake’s Instagram post, in which he revealed his inclusion in the Love Is Blind Season 2 cast. She also enjoyed his other Love Is Blind-themed Instagrams.