Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala – How Long Does A Screen Repair Take At Apple?

Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

When it comes to the brand “Apple”, it has a different set of popularity, which makes it perfectly distinguished from others. There are millions of proud customers globally for this specific brand. Loyal and trusted customers of Apple make it stand out from other brands. Though Apple has a legacy of over 45 years, the brand is still popular and continues growing. Well, After reading this article, I am sure that you get to know the Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

Best iPhone Repair Services In KeralaIs It Difficult To Replace iPhone Screen?

Apple and its variety of electronic products have a unique impact of interest in the global market, especially the i phone. If you are one of the customers of Apple I phone, and in search of the best and trusted iPhone repair service centers in Kerala. You can find some of the best choices here.

Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

Let’s dive and dig into some of the Best iPhone Repair Services in Kerala.

Authorized Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

Repairing or servicing your iPhone should be done in Apple-certified repair centers. Apple-certified repair centers can be trusted for their quality of services and genuine apple product parts. The technicians available there are well trained, and your product warranty and service are in safe hands. Apple voids its warranty if your iPhone is serviced under Apple unauthorized service center. So make sure to send your iPhone to authorized or apple certified repair centers.

5 Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

If you are an Apple iPhone customer and live in Kerala, then you can go to these Apple-authorized service centers to claim your product safety.

Apple protects the customer’s warranty and rights by offering High-quality services.

i Care iPhone Service Experts

iCare iPhone service expert is an Apple authorized iPhone service center in Kozhikode, district of Kerala. The service includes both apple solutions and LDS glass changing.

Name: iPhone service experts

Location Adress: Darussalam Shopping Complex, B-17, Mavoor Rd, Arayidathupalam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004

Contact number:098460 10170          


i Care iPhone Service Experts

iTel It Services

iTel It services is a certified Apple authorized iPhone repair center is situated in Kochi, Kerala. Their services include all Apple products like Phone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, etc. 

Screen replacement, Battery replacement, Logic board repair, water damage repair, camera working problems, Microphone working problems, Overheating issues, Software issues, Network issues, connection issues, button not working issues, etc are some of the services for iPhone offered in iTel It services.

Name:iTel It services

Location Adress: Menaka Arcade, Janatha, SA Road

Vytilla, Kochi Contact number: +91-75580 7777 or +91-75580 77772


iTel It Services

I Fonix Sales & Services

I FONIX  is the apple premium reseller and iPhone repair center in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Their services include resolving wifi and Bluetooth errors, battery backup issues, water damage, LCD refurbishing, Camera and sensor issues, Memory expansion ( from 16GB to 128 GB& 256 GB), Phone heating, etc.

Name: I FONIX Location: Kozhikode
Contact number: +????????????????????????????????????????????????

I Fonix Sales & Services

I Berry

I berry is an iPhone,iPod,iPad, Blackberry service center in Thrissur, Kerala.

I Berry provides services like Replacing cracked iPhone screens, home buttons, Mic, Ear Speaker, Charging port, etc.

Name: I Berry

Location Address: Shop No.6, Fort City Building, Ground Floor, St Thomas College Road, East Fort Junction, Thrissur, Kerala 680005

Contact number: 098953 24616

I Berry

Macpple- Apple Authorised Store

Macpple is one of the best iPhone authorized service centers in Kochi. They provide a huge variety of services for almost all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, iWatch.

The services they provide for Apple products include, Screen repair service, Liquid damage repair service, Battery replacement, Speaker repair service, camera repair service, and Power Button repair

The service center also claims Most Modern Repair Facilities for the customer and Genuine Imported & Guaranteed Spares for the services. and also they are one of the Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

Location address: Macpple- Apple Authorised Store, Vankarath Tower, Opposite Vision Honda, Near Cosmos Sports, Palarivattom Bypass,

Kerala – 682024

Contact number:+91-97455 99927


Macpple- Apple Authorised Store

How Long Will It Take To Service/ Repair The iPhone?

Services like screen repair would offer same-day services by most Apple iPhone Authorised service providers. However, according to the range and level of your iPhone’s condition, time varies. 

If your iPhone is sent to the Apple repair center by your technician, you will be notified of the pickup date.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Services On The iPhone?

It depends upon the services you need. According to the condition of your Apple iPhone, costs may vary. 

But some repairs might come under the consumer law or Apple iPhone warranty, which is most likely to be free of cost.

For more details, your Apple iPhone’s condition needs to be examined, and your technician will let you know about the total cost for repair or replacement.

There is another paid warranty offered by Apple called Applecare+. 

The warranty covers every Apple product including the iPhone. More information about Applecare+ is given below.

Apple Care+

When you buy a new Apple device whether it is iPhone or any other Apple product, you are offered a warranty option.

As you know, the Apple costs a little too much to purchase, likewise, if your device gets damaged or has some issues like malfunctioning home button, dead screen, or any other issues due to manufacturing defects, then you are offered a One-year Basic warranty which is free of cost.

So, this is the basic warranty that is offered to everyone who buys Apple products. Then What is Applecare+?

If you buy Applecare+, you will be offered some more benefits. Some people tend to buy AppleCare + because it costs too much to repair your Apple product if it gets damaged sometimes.

Apple Care+

Applecare+ adds an extra one-year warranty for all devices  (Mac comes with an extra 2-year warranty), 2 years of extra free phone support (an additional one year for Mac), and accidental damage coverage ( doesn’t apply to Apple TV).

So, here is the thing, you will have more safety options including accidental damage coverage (not included in the basic warranty ) if you choose Applecare+ over AppleCare (the basic warranty).

Though Applecare+ offers accidental damage coverage, it comes with certain limitations. You will get up to two incidental damage coverage if you buy the Applecare+ and there is also a deductible depending on the damage condition and the Apple device.

But, these deductibles are worth it when compared to the actual cost of the repair. Apple parts costs are high and using an Applecare+ for accidental damage is somewhat worth it. 

How Do I Get Applecare+?

You can buy Applecare+ at the same time you buy your Apple product from an Apple authorized center. If you forget to buy it then, no worries, Apple offers up to two months’ choice, whether you like to buy it or not.

After two months, you can still buy it for up to one year. But the condition is a little more difficult. You need to bring your Apple iPhone or other Apple devices to the Apple store. Your device undergoes an inspection to check whether the device condition is eligible for Applecare+ criteria.

If your device passes the inspection, you might be able to sign up for Applecare+.

Our Final Verdict On Finding The Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala

Apple is the favorite brand of many people around the world. Maybe due to its performance or quality, or maybe due to its popularity! Whatever it is, the Apple iPhone can be readily distinguished from others by its popularity among people including the youth and the old generation.

Whether iPhone or any Apple product, it is requested to be serviced or repaired from an Apple authorized service center. Servicing your Apple iPhone in unauthorized shops or centers may cause a call-off to your warranty offered by Apple.

Over these past 45 years, Apple has gained support and trust from its customers. There are loyal customers, who only go for iPhones apart from other branded phones. When compared to Android, the iPhone is more powerful in terms of its fast and better performance and its efficiency and effectiveness due to its well-blended hardware and software.

Here in this article, I have mentioned the Best iPhone Repair Services In Kerala. You can choose the one that best suits your location and time.