How Apple’s M1 Chips Have Changed The Mobile App Game

How Apple’s M1 Chips Have Changed The Mobile App Game

You may have recently heard a lot about chips where computing, gaming, and mobile are concerned. And, arguably, the most significant talking point has been Apple’s decision to move In the house with their own chips instead of continuing with Intel.

While Apple’s fleet of M1 chips is making significant impacts across the board where their products are concerned, it’s their mobile devices, such as their range of flagship iPhones, where the advantages prove themselves most noteworthy. And this is only going to benefit end-users in the long run.

The M1 chips that come in Pro and Max versions are set to be adopted into the mobile arena by Apple, and this will immediately provide a power boost that means where speed and processing times are concerned, everything is going to be taken up a couple of notches, which means future iPhones could well be the fastest smartphones on the planet.

There will be many who benefit, not just the end-user but also companies. PartyCasino’s Marketing department said, “Our customers deserve transparency, so we invest heavily into seamless streaming tech to ensure we can deliver the best service.” In addition, the brand offers their members a market-leading mobile casino app, which continues to grow in usage and ratings.

Streaming, as seen above, is massive where mobile is concerned. And, with M1 chips onboard, it will be a breeze for handsets to handle. So whether you’re streaming live casino content or broadcasting over on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc., there will never be any lag, buffering or loss of quality.

Nowadays, more people than ever before are turning to their iPhones over their MacBooks, for example. And, if they’re to become even more powerful thanks to M1 Pro and M1 max chips, this trend is going to continue further.

Yes, it’s probably more beneficial to edit videos to post on social media platforms or YouTube on a MacBook or iMac because of the larger screens, but it’s not always possible. And in the past, many users may have been put off because iPhone’s struggle with the demands of some high-end editing apps. But, this will, as they say, be a thing of the past.

Mobile gaming has been on the rise for over a decade. And, as technology has advanced, the games have become more impressive visually, with step-ups made where gameplay is concerned too. But, how many titles can you point to that you would suggest are mind-blowingly good? Where you’re surprised to see something as grand on an iPhone, for example?

Again, the introduction of M1 chips, especially the M1 Max, could make this happen as soon as the iPhone 14. Of course, the more powerful a chip is, the more demanding a game can be. And, let’s face it, all the content developers out there will be eager to deliver titles for the Apple App Store that stand out from the crowd and get everyone talking for all the right reasons.