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Close Enough Season 3 – What We Know So Far in 2022! Latest Update!

Close Enough is an adult animated sitcom produced in the United States by J. G. Quintel. The show was supposed to premiere on TBS in 2017, but it was postponed and rescheduled multiple times before finally debuting on HBO Max on July 9, 2020.

Close Enough Season 3: When will it be Released?

Close Enough’s first two seasons were a smash hit that aired on HBO Max. The production company has not yet confirmed a release date for Season 3. It was originally set to debut on TBS in 2017. However, the season was often delayed and postponed until ultimately airing on HBO max. The series’ second installment was released immediately after the first, which debuted on July 9, 2020.Close Enough Season 3


The good news is that the show will be revived! A third season has already been ordered to be renewed. However, nothing has been formally announced. The first two seasons drew rave reviews and a sizable fan base. As a result, it’s safe to predict that season 3 will not disappoint any of us.

We believe the release will be delayed as a result of the covid scenario. Keeping everything in mind, Season 3 should be released this year or in 2023!

Season 3 of Close Enough: Cast

As previously said, no formal statements concerning the release date have been made, and the show’s creators have kept even the main cast a secret. As of now, we have no idea what prospective faces we might see; which cast members will return, and who will not. However, we believe that the principal family and the housemates will return. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

The official cast list has not yet been released. The majority of the primary characters are expected to return. Given this, the Close Enough Season 3 cast may include:

  • Josh is played by J.G. Quintel.
  • Emily is played by Gabrielle Walsh.
  • Randy is played by James Adomian, and Bridgette is played by Kimiko Glenn.
  • Candice is played by Jessica DiCicco.
  • Alex is played by Jason Mantzoukas.
  • Pearl is played by Danielle Brooks.
  • Randy portrays James Adomian.
  • Timothy portrays John Early.

What will be the plot of Close Enough Season 3? 

Close Enough is an adult animated sitcom about a couple in their early thirties, Josh and Emily. They are the parents of a five-year-old daughter. The couple is having serious relationship problems and decides to divorce. These problems are primarily the result of aging, motherhood, friendship, and problems with their already divorced pals! Every situation is depicted beautifully in each episode, with plenty of adult humor and mature jokes.

Season 3 will very certainly follow the same format as the previous two. Despite the fact that there have been no official announcements or updates from the showrunners, we can speculate about the plot for the upcoming season. Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 left off. Though there may be minor adjustments, the majority of the plot will remain the same. We’re going to hear a lot of funny and interesting stories because Josh and Emily’s divorced friends are staying with them. Besides, Josh may try to reconcile with Emily in the coming season. The question is whether Emily will comprehend. It’s not difficult to predict that this season will be even more enjoyable than the previous two!

Close Enough Season 3: What You Need to Know

Close Enough Season 3 was announced roughly two weeks before concluding Season 2. The second season consists of eight episodes ranging in length from 22 to 30 minutes. The exact release date for Season 3 has yet to be determined.

It is, however, slated to premiere in the autumn. In one of his tweets, Season 3 producer and head writer Bill Oakley acknowledged the release of the third season.

“Season 2 of “Close Enough” debuts on HBO Max on February 25th, and I am happy to finally share that I am now the Head Writer and Executive Producer for Season 3!” he says.

Close Enough Season 2 Synopsis

Since we are unable to exactly depict what and how the situation will get molded in the third season, we better stay updated with the storyline of the second season so that we can welcome the forthcoming iteration anytime it premieres.

This sitcom focuses on a couple in their early thirties. They have a five-year-old daughter and live in the same house as two divorced friends. They all reside together in a duplex in the metropolis of Los Angeles. The series’ primary character is Joshua Singleton.

Josh is his given name. He is portrayed as a future video game inventor for Plugger-Inners. Quintel’s voice is provided by him. Emily Ramirez will take the stage next. Josh’s wife works as an assistant at the food company FoodCorp.

Gabrielle Walsh contributes her voice. Candice Singleton-Ramirez, their daughter, comes next. Jessica DiCicco portrays her, and she struggles with her schooling.

One of the other characters is Alex Dorpenberger, Josh’s best friend and a community college lecturer. Bridgette Yoshida is Emily’s best friend and Alex’s ex-wife. Pearle Watson, a retired LAPD investigator, is the duplex’s landlady.

Finally, Randy Trickle-Watson, Pearle’s adoptive Caucasian son. The show also has a number of recurrent characters and voice actors.

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