My Brilliant Friend Season 3: Latest Update On This HBO Series!


My Brilliant Friend is a TV series based on the Neapolitan Series by Italian novelist Elena Ferrante. The show has already had two seasons: the second (an eight-episode series) is based on the second book, The Story of a New Name. The answer to fans’ questions about whether the series would return for a third installment is yes! The third season is an adaptation of Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, the third book in Lenu and Lila’s journey.

When Will the Third Season of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Be Released?

The show’s second season premiered in Italy in February 2020, followed by a May release on HBO in the United States, according to HITC. The season premiered on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom on June 19, 2020. Elena and Lila (played by Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace) are characters in the show who live in 1950s Naples.

HBO executive Francesca Orsi said in a statement to Vulture, “The fact that audiences and reviewers alike have continued to embrace Elena and Lila’s tale makes it all the more satisfying, and we appreciate the entire crew lead by Saverio Costanzo for their exceptional work on the second season.” We can’t wait to share the next chapter of Elena and Lila’s lives and friendship with you.”

According to Italian sources, the film will be released on Rai on February 8, 2022. On February 28, 2022, it will be accessible on HBO/ Crave.

What Is the Plot of Season 3 About?

As previously stated, prior seasons were based on books: season one was based on the novel My Brilliant Friend, and season two is based on The Story of a New Name. The plot from the third book, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, will be adapted for the third installment. Here, LenĂ¹ and Lila’s friendship will be tested more than ever as the duo’s different romantic lives are put under increasing strain. Because the Neopolitan Novel series consists of four books, fans can expect a fourth season of the drama series as well.

Who Will Be in Season 3 of ‘My Brilliant Friend?

The performers will have to “age up” for their parts because the tale is built on the two main characters’ friendship transitioning into adulthood, where Lila leaves her husband to join the workforce and Elena becomes a college graduate with a published novel. This could imply a whole different casting.

According to TVZap, actress Gaia Girace, who plays Lila, is quitting her job three episodes into Season 3, writes Bustle. “I’m sorry to say goodbye to Lila’s character after three years of effort on it.” “I’m growing up with her, and I’m sorry to hand it off to someone else,” Girace told TVZap. “I hope that whoever takes my place will love her half as much as I do.” That means Margherita Mazzucco’s adolescent character Elena may also be played by a new, older actor.

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