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7 Tips to Find the Best Courier Companies Around You

Finding a trusted courier company shouldn’t be a difficult task if you understand what you should look out for. Making the right choice regarding the type of courier service your business will use is paramount. This also fosters a good relationship between your business and its customers.

If you are exclusively into the e-commerce business, the service you choose to send out your orders needs to be remarkable in the same way as the tracking . You need to pick a courier service that can be a great ambassador for your business. Read on to learn how to get the best from the courier service you choose.

How to Find a Good Courier Company

Knowing what you want is the first step in finding a good courier company. Pay attention to these factors before hiring a courier service:

  • Client reviews

Before you hire a suitable courier company, pay attention to the reviews of previous customers. Customer reviews provide you with an outline of what kind of service an organization renders.

For example, most courier companies will be swift to convince you that they offer the best service, while in reality, only a few of them deliver what they promise. It’s therefore vital to take your time. Read different reviews about the company you plan to deal with.

  • Costs of delivery

Don’t be quick to admit that the cheapest courier service provider will be the best. Sure, some of the best companies can also be affordable.

Deal with a shipping firm that welcomes a price you and your customers will be comfortable with. The ideal situation is a price that is low enough for your clients, however, sufficiently high to take care of your expenses – while offering quality assistance. You can likewise minimize your expenses by managing your packaging to avoid heavyweight.

According to studies, over seventy percent of customers love free delivery. It’s a key incentive that would incite them to shop more frequently, especially online. However, offering free delivery on all your sales or to every customer will be a costly adventure for a small business.

  • Great customer support

Before you commit to a courier company, also take your time to observe and understand what its customer service experience is like. Pay attention to how the shipping company treats both its staff and customers. A few backgrounds check here and it is vital.

You may also have a clue to this from the customer reviews you read about the company. Websites like Trustpilot can also be useful. Take a look at various surveys and groups for better assessment. You can likewise call the courier company to perceive how cordial and accommodating they are.

  • Collection and delivery of parcels

Who collects and delivers your parcels? You need to know it upfront. Is the company you are considering using clean, friendly, and smart? What is the condition of their cars, bikes, or vans – is it well maintained and clean? Remember, the courier company you will be hiring will also serve as an ambassador of your business. Pick one that will portrait your business well. The company should match up in value, just as your business does.

  • Speed of delivery

Today, speed is a key selling point for any business. Studies show that over forty-two percent of customers desire same-day delivery. There are times when shoppers are willing to pay more for a particular item as long as the delivery is fast.

On a national level, you may be unable to offer free 24-hour delivery. However, you can utilize conveyance benefits that offer it at a premium delivery cost. Enable your clients to utilize free delivery when they, especially when they are not in a hurry to get your item. You can also give them the option to pay if they need it faster. Also, apart from the extra cost, ask your courier service provider what is feasible.

  • Advanced technology

This is one of the things you want to pay special attention to while attempting to employ the service of a courier company. It might intrigue you that most businesses that are into shipping don’t have the most advanced technology to guarantee that top and positive services are delivered to their clients. These could be GPS tracking, online invoicing, or web-based tracking.

Your favored company must have this large number of techs or other package trackers to provide top-notch delivery service. Customers are often kept in the dark concerning the progress of their merchandise. When it comes to parcels and advanced technology, your courier company must be up to date.

  • Level of experience

Experience is significant in the business of shipping. Therefore, the level of experience of the courier company you will be using is key. Use an exceptionally capable one. Although using a company like this may be a bit expensive, it’s worth it.

Stay away from courier companies that are just launching out for business. Entrusting expensive merchandise/things with such companies is risky, except they have good customer reviews.

Simple Measures to Protect Your Package on Transit

Before shipping your package to a courier company, there are some safety measures you ought to consider. Here are a few of them.

  • Add labels

This is a powerful method that helps people be aware that your package is delicate. It helps in handling. Dangerous goods labeling will draw attention to a possibly harmful substance, stacking guidance labels will bring the awareness of people to excessively delicate or weighty products. Handling labels will likewise allow people to understand that a package needs special handling.

  • Security

Certain items enhance the security of your package. You need to secure every valuable item that needs to be shipped – especially the type of goods that are more liable to theft. These types of items need special packaging.

For this, you may use a shaded security wrap for bigger shipments. People won’t be able to see through things inside. Warning labels can also be used – making it easier to monitor.

  • Materials

If you are shipping your package overseas, it’s a smart idea to invest five percent of the value of the item on proper and secure packaging. With this, you will have enough cash to choose the right packaging for your goods.

Before you shop an item, examine if it will be exposed to too much heat/cold, rough handled, or exposed to moisture. Also, use a material that won’t easily damage the interior of your item.


Finding a decent courier company is easier if you apply the tips discussed above. Stick to a company that has experience and good customer service. Also, ensure that your packaging is always in good condition before sending it to the courier company. Finally, make sure the courier company gives a tracking number for every parcel you bring to them for shipping. With this, I can track my package.

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