Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!


Gravity Falls is an American animated television series about solving riddles. It is, in fact, the smartest Disney animation series available, provided to you by Alex! The episodes are available online, on Hotstar Kids, and on Netflix.

We witnessed the final episode of Season 2 of our favourite animated series, ‘Gravity Falls,’ four years ago in February. Fans were so taken with it that they demanded more.

Gravity Falls Season 3: Is It Cancelled Or Renewed?

This series’ first two seasons have left viewers yearning for the next, new season and new content. Everyone wants more entertainment and is looking forward to the forthcoming season.

Gravity Falls season 2’s final episode aired on Netflix in February 2016. Following the release of Season 2, the series’ producer desired to bring the series to a close. He believes he should not extend the plot too far and should wrap up this series. But the fans wanted more, so they demanded the next season! Unfortunately, there is no information on the future season of Gravity Falls, and it is possible that the season may be cancelled.


Unfortunately, there has been no word on whether or not an upcoming season of Gravity Falls will be renewed. As a result, it is preferable to state that the series has been cancelled and that season two is the final season of the show. However, you never know what the future holds, so you might get a season if the producers plan it based on fan demand.

Gravity Falls Season 3 could happen!

Yes, this is correct! Without a doubt, Alex has ruled out Season 3 since he wishes to finish the show. But another important truth is that he was too attached to the persona. We can’t say for certain that Season 3 will not happen, but there haven’t been any announcements about it!

Who Will Appear in Gravity Falls Season 3?

Several talented voice artists voiced and played this cartoonish entertainment. Let me make a list for you. Watch this video to learn more about the voice actors for our favourite animated show, Gravity Falls. You’ll have a great time watching them do the famous voice mimicry of our favourite cartoon characters from the series ‘Gravity Falls.’

  • Dipper Pines, played by Jason Ritter, is a well-known character.
  • Kristen Schaal plays Mabel Pines (Bob Burgers)
  • Grunkle Stan, as portrayed by Alex Hirsch
  • Soos Ramirez, a well-known cartoon character, is voiced by Alex Hirsch.
  • Linda Cardellini (Dead to Me) provides the voice. Corduroy, Wendy

This animated series is best known for its plot, writing, animation, and, most importantly, the best comic voice acting. This animated comedy series is a mix of adventure and comedy that is performed in a very audacious manner. Thank you to the entire team and the voice actors!

Gravity Falls Season 3 Story: What Happens in Gravity Falls?

The plot of this animated cartoon centres around two 12-year-old cousins. Mabel and Dipper Pines are their adorable names. The cousins intend to spend their daring summer holidays in the woods of the city of ‘Gravity Falls.’

They soon learn that the community is riddled with secrets. This occurs as a result of Dipper’s accidental discovery of a diary in the woods. This diary discloses numerous tactics and some fantastic mysteries about the city, which lets them appreciate the town and have a good time throughout their summer holidays.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Trailer: When Can We Expect to See It?

Netflix, on the other hand, has not published an official trailer for Gravity Falls Season 3. Fans should not expect a peek until the makers make an official announcement. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s an official confirmation, and we’ll also release the trailer for the upcoming season.