The Coyote Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

For decades, immigration has been a contentious political topic in the United States, and it is still as divisive today as it was then. “Coyote,” CBS’ compelling crime drama on Paramount+, may portray the complexity of the issue better than any other TV show.

“Coyote” stars Michael Chiklis as Ben Clemens, a Border Patrol agent who resigned after 32 years on the job and now works as a coyote — or someone who smuggles people across the border — for a Mexican drug cartel. Ben did things in Season 1 that he would have previously considered inconceivable. Despite the fact that he had effectively crossed sides by working for a drug gang, his new allies never entirely trusted him — and with good cause, as it turned out.

On January 7, 2021, “Coyote” aired all six episodes of its first season, and since it’s been so long since fans have followed Ben’s adventures, one has to wonder if the show will be renewed.

There’s no indication yet on whether Coyote will return in Season 2

The renewal of “Coyote” for a second season has yet to be announced by CBS. Since the launch of Season 1, star Michael Chiklis has tweeted that he “can’t wait to get back to work” on “Coyote” on March 13, 2021. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of “Coyote” returning, but it also doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being canceled.

However, “Coyote” appears to have a better chance of being renewed than the average TV show. It was one of the relaunched Paramount+ network’s main programming. “Coyote” was originally slated for the Paramount Network, but CBS decided to shift it to CBS All Access, its subscription-based streaming platform, in November 2020. (via The Wrap). On March 4, 2020, CBS All Access was renamed Paramount+.

If “Coyote” returns, Chiklis will almost certainly reprise his role as retired border patrol agent Ben Clemens, as the program wouldn’t be whole without him. Some of the main antagonists, such as cartel chief Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora, who is played by Juan Pablo Raba, may return. Meanwhile, the plot is expected to pick up where the Season 1 cliffhanger left off. Ben’s involvement with the Zamora cartel had already garnered the CIA’s notice, and he pitched himself as a confidential informant for the espionage agency in the finale.

Season 2 of Coyote’s Cast

Michael Chiklis portrays Ben Clemens, a US border patrol agent who recently retired after many years of service. Juan Pablo Raba portrayed Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora, the little family cartel’s leader. Adriana Paz plays Silvia Pea, who works as a manager in a neighborhood restaurant.


Dante, a drug cartel member, is played by Kristyan Ferrer. Octavio Pisano, who is a member of the drug gang, plays Sultan. Cynthia McWilliams plays a Homeland Security Investigations agent for the federal government. Neto Mendez, a member of the Guardia Nacional De Mexico, is played by Julio Cesar Cedillo. Mara Elena Flores, who is pregnant with Dante’s child, is played by Emy Mena.

The Adventures of Coyote

Ben Clemens, a recently retired US Customs and Border Protection agent, is the protagonist of the novel. He was about to do something unfathomable after 32 years as a CBP agent: he was going to help those whom he had forcibly and unwillingly kept away from borders. He was on the other side of the wall in both directions because he is also a member of anything illegal. The first is through his bodily intrusion, and the second is through his morals and ethics, which he quickly questions. He is a trustworthy officer who has participated in numerous operations, but he has never heard genuine stories. This society’s black and white was laid out in front of him.

In his responsibility, he violates his oath of being an honest person. He is confronted with a situation he had not anticipated. He was completely moved when he saw Maria Elena’s tattoo, which was similar to his daughters’. To stop his daughter from being gang-raped by a local gang, Maria Elena’s father chooses death. Ben decides to work for drug and human trafficking kingpin Juan Pablo Raba after receiving a call from one of his thugs in his sleeping daughter’s bed, which horrified him.

The trio embarks on a journey during which they become increasingly aware of the savagery of Mexican and American crooks. Meanwhile, Ben is going through his own inner turmoil. Their backstories are revealed in flashbacks, causing the plot to twist and turn. Different story plots intertwine with various subplots to create an engaging storyline. Michelle McLaren directed the first two episodes, which set the tone for the rest of the series. There are multiple layers, with characters that are both black and white, or what is known as a grey shade of characterization.

Season 2 of Coyote: What Do We Know?

Coyote season 1 had had a difficult route before its launch, as it was relocated from Paramount Network to CBS All Access. Although the show was enjoyable, there are already a plethora of crime dramas available. Second, the show will be renewed for a second season since it has the potential to be popular based on viewership. To do so, the production company must examine its popularity charts as well as whether or not the show has received critical acclaim.

There have been no announcements for the second season, but as the show grows in popularity, we may be able to witness the second chapter filming in the middle of this year. The Star Trek series and Big Brother were both successful undertakings for CBS All Access. This show may have a second season, which is yet to be seen. We may have to wait a little longer because the show hasn’t gotten much attention yet, and the plot has already been covered numerous times. It will, however, be intriguing to see what plot ideas they come up with. The release date for Coyote season 2 will most likely not be announced anytime soon. In the following days, the plot that remains in the show may go unnoticed.



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