Paatal Lok Season 2 Release Date: Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!


Paatal Lok, a Hindi crime thriller on Amazon Prime Video, is a top-rated show. The show’s directors, Avinash Arun Dhaware and Prosit Roy came out swinging, capturing the hearts of viewers all around the world. The show is produced by Clean Slate Films Private Limited. Paatal Lok season 1 aired all at once on May 15, 2020, with only 9 episodes. The plot of the story is entirely based on Sudip Sharma’s work. Fans want to see more of the Paatal Lok criminal thriller play.

Will there be a Paatal Lok season 2?

There hasn’t been any official news about the anticipated season 2 release as of yet. Fans, on the other hand, are eagerly anticipating season 2. But hold on! Fans will be pleased to learn that there is some good news in this article. Season 2 is currently under production, and the actors and producers are disclosing some details about it. Anushka Sharma, an actor, and producer, gave some advice on the subject. So, in the meanwhile, you can watch Season 1 on Amazon Prime.


Paatal Lok has a star-studded cast.

The following are some of the most notable members of the show’s star cast:

  • Hathiram Chaudhary was played by Jaydeep Ahlawat.
  • Sanjay Mehra was played by Neeraj Kabi (Journalist)
  • Renu (Chaudhary’s wife) was played by Gul Panag.
  • Dolly Mehra was performed by Swastika Mukherjee.
  • Vishal Tyagi was played by Abhishek Banerjee (Hathoda)
  • DCP Bhagat and other characters were performed by Vipin Sharma.

Paatal Lok Season 2 Story:

East Delhi is the setting for the story. As we previously stated, the tale revolves around Hathiram Chowdhary, a police officer (played by Jaideep Ahlawat). He’s a suspicious cop tasked with investigating a high-profile crime. He was dragged into the darker side of the underground and criminality as he was continually grabbed in this case inquiry. The story was told using traditional concepts such as Swarg, Dharti, and Paatal. These metaphors are used to represent India’s many classes and people. The main stage of the story is Paatal, which is a prison for criminals and murderers.

By the end of the series, it was clear that Hathiram Chowdhary, the police officer, was content with his current situation. When it comes to the plot of Paatal Lok Season 2, we may expect it to have a new murder mystery. The plot may be the same, but the tale will be distinct. There has been no formal word about the upcoming season’s story or script as of yet.