Project Blue Book Season 3: : Is This Series Release Date CONFIRMED For This Year?


Season two of History’s Project Blue Book has come to an end, and unless the show is picked up somewhere, our UFO hunting dynamic pair may be done. In an interview Den of Geek live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook at the same time, we sat up with Project Blue Book creator/writer/executive producer David O’Leary and showrunner/executive producer Sean Jablonski to speak about what’s next.

The real-life investigations are done to determine the truth behind purported UFO encounters and similar incidents are dubbed ‘Project Blue Book.’ The study was carried out by the US Air Force in the 1950s and 1960s. The series is also a film adaptation of the original research, which ended in 1969. Dr J. Allen Hynek, a talented astronomer who served as a scientific advisor on the project, is also featured in the show. Aidan Gillen plays his character with Michael Malarkey, who plays Captain Michael Quinn, an Air Force veteran.

Together, they embark on a voyage of oddities and strange happenings that culminates in a suspenseful mystery storey. Paranormal investigator Robert Sheaffer, who noticed inconsistencies in the show’s portrayal of history and science, labelled it controversial over time. Nonetheless, it spanned two seasons that were well-received by audiences, particularly “true believers.” And now we’re thinking about the possibility of a second season of the show.

So, here’s all we know about Season 3 of ‘Project Blue Book.’

Release Date for Season 3 of Project Blue Book

Season 2 of ‘Project Blue Book’ premiered on History on January 21, 2020, and ended on March 24, 2020. It is divided into ten episodes, each lasting 42-44 minutes. Season 2 averaged 1.3 million views on the same day. As a result, viewers were expecting the show to be renewed. Unfortunately, History cancelled the show in May 2020.


History has opted to cancel all of its written programmings, according to the show’s co-executive producer Sean Jablonski. However, this does not imply that the show will be cancelled indefinitely. A petition was filed on May 7, 2020, to assist the creators in finding a new network to broadcast the show. Their production company has been searching for alternatives, ideally a streaming service that would be willing to host the show.

History’s decision to pull it from the channel, according to Jablonski, was not based on the show’s performance. Furthermore, the script for Season 3 had begun to take shape. As a result, the decision to stop airing it on History was made at a corporate level, with the network suspending all scripted programming. As a result, season 3 of ‘Project Blue Book’ has been officially cancelled. This iconic sitcom, which drew a sizable following throughout its two-season run, has come to an end.

However, not all hope is gone. It could yet air on other networks or streaming sites in the future (ideally, Netflix, as it did with beloved dramas like ‘Designated Survivor’ and ‘Lucifer’ when their respective home networks cancelled production). In addition to the petition, supporters have been using the hashtag “Save Blue Book” to organise support for the show on social media. For the time being, all one can do is hope that the show finds a network and is renewed.

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