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Ruthless Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Tyler Perry is the creator, writer, and director of the drama series ‘Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.’ The ‘The Oval’ spin-off premiered on BET+ in March 2020. Ruth, a member of the Rakadushi religious sex cult, finds herself in a web of her own making. 

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For now, all she can do is keep going until she and her kid are out of the predicament. The protagonists in Season 1 are continually confronted with moral difficulties and must tread a fine line between right and wrong. If there is a third season, it’s only natural that fans want to know about it. What do you think?

Ruthless Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Ruthless‘ will air on BET on March 19, 2020. On June 4, 2020, the show’s 12th episode aired. November 26, 2020, is the release date for the 13th episode of “Ruthless.” The series ended on January 28, 2021, with the airing of its last episode.

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Season 2 last episode premiered on January 6, 2022. There is no info about Ruthless season 3 yet. It is not renewed or canceled yet. As we get some info, we will update this post.

Ruthless Plot

Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) kidnaps her daughter Callie to join her and the sex-crazed members of the Rakudushis cult in a backdoor pilot during the first three episodes of The Oval. The Rakadushi religion holds Ruth in high regard. 

A high-ranking member of the cult, an “Elder,” was given to her for her role in punishing her closest friend, Tally, for being a deviant.

However, she had to be gang-raped by seven high-ranking cult members, including Andrew and Dikhan, in front of The Highest to be admitted into the role of Elder.

Ruth and Tally’s closest friend decided to leave the cult after being gang-raped.

“The Highest” (Matt Cedeo) is the Rakadushis’ leader. Long hair and a white outfit are the trademarks of the Supreme Being. He exudes an air of serenity and openness.

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The purpose of this is to hide the fact that he is a serial killer and a pedophile. He uses drugs to induce a blackout and a loss of memory in newcomers so that he may rape them. He’s a drug addict, too.

The Highest’s right-hand man, Dikhan (Lenny Thomas), is a high-ranking cult member. Everything that takes place on the cult’s premises is under his watchful eye. Despite his good looks and devotion to The Highest, Dikhan may be intrusive and strict.

Season one, episode seven reveals that Dikhan and The Highest have been in a relationship for twelve years.

Dikhan, on the other hand, is bisexual. His affair with Ruth has been going on for a long time, but he’s also drawn to Lynn (Nirdine Brown). Ruth uses Dikhan to organize her escape from the cult, but Dikhan has fallen in love with her.

According to Dikhan, Ruth is indeed expecting Dikhan’s first child. Because of his connection with the Highest, he needs to keep his affections for Ruth a secret. In addition, it is against the cult’s regulations. When The Highest smells Ruth’s soap on him, he is suspicious of Dikhan and Ruth.

Because of the Highest’s affection for Andrew and River, Dikhan feels threatened and envious. Everyone in the cult fears Dikhan. The cult members’ wrongdoings are reported to The Highest, and Dikhan often recommends and punishes them.

The Rakadushi cult was infiltrated by an undercover FBI agent, Andrew (Blue Kimble), who finally converted to the sex cult’s ideas and is now a high-ranking member. Andrew has a son with his wife, Sarah.

After entering and becoming a steadfast adherent of the faith, he developed a prohibited sexual relationship with Tally (Yvonne Senat Jones), a member of the Rakadushi sect. Tally becomes pregnant as a result of Andrew’s affection for her.

Tally does not realize that Andrew is a married FBI agent who is also an undercover operative. Andrew is an ardent adherent of the Rakadushi cult’s ideas and practices.

On the other hand, Tally is constantly split between her convictions and her affection for him, and he is frequently torn between the two.

After learning that Andrew was one of the seven men responsible for Ruth’s gang rape, Tally begins to doubt Andrew’s devotion to her.

It caused conflict between Andrew and Dikhan since Dikhan was in love with The Highest and had shown his commitment to the cult by having gay intercourse with The Highest once.

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