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Yellowjacket season 2 coming?

yellowjacket season 2 coming?

People with major cred — like horror master Stephen King, who informed his Twitter followers on January 6 that he appreciates the series for its “sharp characterization and a mordant sense of humor” — have been heaping praise upon “YellowJackets” on Showtime.

The story centers on a high school soccer team from New Jersey headed to Seattle, Washington, for a tournament when their aircraft crashed in a strange Canadian forest in 1996. 

After spending 19 months alone in the forest, the incident’s survivors became the subject of vicious rumors and defamatory slander.

Cannibalism is committed, and hints of mysticism and supernatural happenings are made when teens split apart. 

It is now 25 years later, and the four high school grads who survived the bombing are dealing with the difficulties of their adult life as their 25th high school reunion approaches, and their memories of the past reassert themselves.

When a blackmailer threatens the ladies, they get back together. Survival drama, mystery, and a coming-of-age story are all woven together in one program. It’s a potent concoction, but it works wonders. What can we anticipate from Season 2 of “Yellowjackets”? Here is what we currently know.

Yellowjackets Season 2 coming?

Showtime renewed the second season of Yellowjackets in December 2021, but no release date has been announced.

There is a chance, though, that we won’t have to wait so long. Levine has said that the writers will begin working on new episodes in January 2022.

According to him, “We haven’t even had a chance to hear the idea for season two, and the writer’s room hasn’t even come together yet.” Some vague concepts are floating about in the heads of Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan. However, they haven’t developed or communicated those ideas to us.

Yellowjackets Season 2 possible Plot

During the first season of “Yellowjackets,” the protagonist’s young allies are preparing to confront a freezing winter in a Canadian forest. The onset of resentment, malnutrition, and lunacy has begun.

Season 2 is expected to focus on the bleak months leading up to spring. Assuming they make it until the end of spring/beginning of summer 1998, we assume that Shauna, Misty, Taissa, and Natalie are expected to have survived for at least nineteen months before being rescued.

Viewers may discover the forces haunting these ladies, why the forest refuses to let them go, what happened to Shauna’s baby, and what lows were resorted to in the subsequent months.

As things stand right now, Shauna has reason to believe that Jeff is the blackmailer chasing the ladies in an attempt to collect on some large debts that were about to put his furniture shop out of business.

She has, however, attempted to hide the reality. Adam Martin (Peter Gadiot), her boyfriend, whom she stabbed to death after discovering he had taken her diaries, has been blamed for the murder.

Shauna’s accomplices, the four women, are connected by another fatal secret: they disposed of Adam’s corpse with her. The women’s efforts to keep their secret a secret are expected to be tested in season 2. To find out who breaks first, viewers will have to stick around.

Yellowjackets Season 2 expected Cast

We have no clue what will happen next minute to minute is one of the finest things about Yellowjackets. As the tale progresses, more information about the crew and its survivors becomes available. Season 2 is expected to keep the shocks coming. Thus any predictions for additional episodes are out of the question.

Will, they keep telling two stories at once? Will there be any new survivors? Is there a chance that anything supernatural may begin to happen in the current timeline?

As a result, it’s difficult to predict which cast members will return for the second season. So long as two narratives are going, we can almost certainly expect to see the grown-up and adolescent versions of the four main characters — Shauna, Taissa, Natalie, and Misty — reappear.


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