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Pushpa 2 coming? all the updates

Pushpa 2

Sukumar wrote and directed Pushpa: The Rise, an Indian Telugu action drama film, in 2021. Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, and Rashmika Mandanna appear in Mythri Movie Makers’ and Muttamsetty Media’s production of the Telugu film.

Among the other supporting actors are Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari and Sunil and actors such as Dhananjaya and Anasuya Bharadwaj. The film also stars Ajay and Ajay Ghosh. 

One of the two films shows the ascent of a coolie in the red-sander-trafficking syndicate in Andhra Pradesh state, which is home to a rare kind of wood known as red sanders. Here are all updates about Pushpa 2.

Pushpa 2: Release Date confirmed?

On Wednesday, Mumbai revealed that Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa: The Rise” would be broadcast on a popular OTT service starting January 7, 2022.

To a roaring blowout at the box office, the Telugu action-thriller premiered in theatres on December 17 December 2021. Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada dubbed versions of the film were also released.

On the OTT’s official Twitter account, the digital premiere of the film was announced.

A record-breaker for the Indian box office in 2021, the movie is also among the all-time top Telugu blockbusters. Pushpa 2: The Rule, the sequel, is expected to have begun filming in February 2022. 

Pushpa Plot And Storyline

The story starts with Pushpa Raj volunteers smuggling rare timber from the Seshachalam Hills in the Chittoor region in Andhra Pradesh. 

A raid by DSP Govindappa finds Pushpa hiding and recovering the stock, earning the confidence of his boss Konda Reddy in the process. It’s all because of Pushpa’s innovative methods of transporting red sanders that Konda Reddy has made Pushpa his partner in the network.

One of Mangalam Srinu’s dealers, Konda Reddy, guards Mangalam Srinu’s stock of 200 tonnes. Pushpa is granted the position because Jolly Reddy, Konda’s younger brother, is judged incapable. 

However, Govindappa has tracked them down and attempted to take them over. Pushpa dumps all the wood logs into a nearby river, while his accomplice Keshav bribes authorities and dams the river downstream to move the stock fast. 

There is a sense of relief among Srinu and Konda since the stock has been spared seizure. Pushpa learns at a party that Srinu is selling the wood at a far greater cost than what they’re being paid for it. 

However, when Pushpa suggests that Konda go against Srinu and demand his due share, Konda backs down.

On the other hand, Pushpa meets Srivalli and immediately falls in love. While his mother is hurt in the brawl, his half-brother blocks the ceremony and rejects Pushpa’s heritage from his dead father. 

Pushpa is enraged by this, which spurs him on to greater heights of success. When Pushpa arrives in Chennai the next day, he smuggles the wood in and demands 1 crore per tonne from Srinu, the company’s owner. 

When Srinu refuses, his men attack him, but Pushpa can overcome them and take them out for himself. Pushpa then travels to Chennai and strikes a contract with Konda and Pushpa to sell the timber for 1.5 crores per tonne.

A womanizer, Jolly blackmails Srivalli into having sex with him while her father is held hostage. When Pushpa learns that Jolly has been momentarily paralyzed, he is infuriated and assaults him. 

Konda concludes that Pushpa is to blame for his brother’s illness, so he kidnaps him and brings him to a woodland hideout to be killed. A surprise assault by Srinu’s troops allows Pushpa to flee and retaliate. 

Pushpa rescues Konda’s brother Jakka Reddy after Konda is slain in an ambush. Aside from murdering Srinu, he also kidnaps and murders his brother-in-law. 

MP Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu organizes a ceasefire when Pushpa exposes Srinu’s practices, scamming the syndicate with reduced rates. 

Later, he. A few days later, Naidu names Pushpa as his new syndicate manager. Pushpa becomes a well-known figure after just six months. Srinu’s wife, Dakshayini, injures him by slitting his neck since he cannot avenge his brother in death. law’s

Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, a vicious police officer, comes over as district superintendent just as Pushpa is at the pinnacle of his powers. Pushpa often meets with him and offers him a bribe of one crore rupee (about $1 million). 

It intimidates Pushpa and his troops because Shekhawat claims they lack one item. He makes fun of Pushpa’s ancestry and threatens to shoot his hand if the latter doesn’t open his fingers. 

Pushpa is frightened and politely calls him “sir,” Shekhawat responds that was the missing piece of the puzzle. When Shekhawat orders Pushpa to be subservient, Pushpa obeys. 

Pushpa and Shekhawat have a drink on a hilltop a few days later, the night before Pushpa’s wedding. Pushpa snatches Shekhawat’s handgun and shoots himself in the hands in a display of disdain for how he was mocked during their first encounter. 

He then coerces Shekhawat and Pushpa into stripping down in front of him. In Pushpa’s telling, his height stays the same, while Shekhawat’s is nothing without his police suit, to the point where even his dog doesn’t recognize him. 

While Pushpa prepares for his wedding, Shekhawat strips down and enters his house in public nude. His dog, as expected, snarls in his direction. He kills the dog and sets the bribe money on fire in a fit of wrath.


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