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Who is Moniece Slaughter Dating? Her Relationship Timeline Explained!

Singer and songwriter Moniece Slaughter hails from the United States. When she was born, she was 34 years old. A part of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood ensemble, she is most known for her Los Angeles upbringing.

Moniece was a major character on the program for the first five seasons. She was promoted to a supporting role in Love & Hip Hop: New York’s sixth and seventh seasons.

The eighth season, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, is no exception. Moniece Slaughter sang the original theme music for America’s Next Top Model. During the third season, Moniece came out as bisexual. Her other name is Kali.

Marla Thomas is the name of her mother. Dave Thomas, the Grammy-winning vocalist of Taking 6, is her stepfather. Moniece says she’s been bisexual her whole life, but she was afraid to tell anybody. She was terrified of being judged because of her sexual orientation.

For her, it was unacceptable to be gay because of her religious background. Despite her earlier claims that her family had abandoned superstitions in favor of supporting her in the pursuit of what brought her joy, this was not the case.

Moniece Slaughter Relationships on Love & Hip Hop

She was presented as a single mother striving to raise her child. On January 8th, 2010, she gave birth to Kamron David Frederic’s son, whom she had with rapper Lil’ Fizz.

In the first season, she and Lil’ Fizz’s co-parenting difficulties are shown. Moniece portrays an estranged mother who tries valiantly to avoid being stereotyped as a dreary mother and dispel that label.

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To make ends meet, she launches her own sex toy company. Amanda Secor, Fizz’s girlfriend of two years, confronts her in the show’s first season. While they’re fighting, Moniece even pulls Amanda’s hair to drag her along.

A new romance blossoms for Moniece in the second installment of the series Rich Dollaz from L&HH: New York becomes her boyfriend throughout this season. Her mental health concerns and her strained connection with her mother are among the topics she addresses this season.

After the second season reunion, Moniece starts a confrontation between Brandi and Princess, becoming violent. This rivalry would dominate the third season. It is revealed that Slaughter is also bisexual during the reunion in the show’s third season. This season, a sex tape was also released.

A.D., her co-star in Season 4, is also a new addition to the cast. Lil’ Fizz would begin a relationship with A.D’s buddy, Tiffany, in the fifth season. Moniece’s last season as the show’s primary cast member.

She reportedly had to make a public appeal to her show’s producers to be let off the program. Finally, Princess and Moniece reconciled. Once again, Moniece is portrayed as an alienated baby mom in the sixth season, when she faces off against her son’s father, Lil’ Fuzz, in their home. Fizz’s lies about him and Apryl are exposed, resulting in even more skirmishes. It is her last appearance in the series.

Moniece returns for two Love and Hip Hop episodes: New York’s seventh season. Her only purpose in being at this location was to bring Rich, her ex-boyfriend, to light. Even though he was dating Jade, Rich had sought to revive their romance.

Scrap DeLeon, a rapper, had a brief relationship with her in season 8. Along with the regular program, she appears in the show’s special editions, such as The Wedding, Dirty Little Secrets, and so on.

More About the Dating Life of Moniece Slaughter

There has been a lot of new information regarding her former relationships that have just come to light. Toxic, too, was the turn of events in her relationship with her girlfriend. 

Afterward, she had also been in a relationship with Shaquille O’Neal, about whom she made severe claims approximately one year ago. She claimed that Shaq had “encouraged self-harm” by his actions.

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As far as we know, they had a relationship from 2010 to 2011 and split when the rapper had an affair. There have been messages like: This is why you will always be a broke bitch, and other harmful things. Her manager stated this.

When she finally found a man who met all of her requirements in June of 2020, she posted a few Instagram posts about him. She released an Instagram video of herself working out with a new man after first denying dating Shemar Moore. It’s unclear who he is since no one has seen him.

Their relationship status is still unknown. Despite this, there are reports that she is not married. Moniece, on the other hand, has been under tremendous danger after she made public Apryl Jones’ association with Dr. Dre. She’s been the target of many threats, including death.

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