SMITE Season 9: Release Date Confirmation & Latest Updates Here!

SMITE Season 9

An online combat arena game was created and released by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One called Smite.

Smite is a team-based fighting game in which players assume the role of gods, goddesses, or other legendary figures and use their powers and strategies to battle, other gods and non-player-controlled minions.

Multiplayer PVP modes, several characters to choose from, and various events like the yearly million-dollar Smite World Championship make this game a popular esport.

SMITE Season 9: Release Date

Season 8 kicked up on January 26, which was a Tuesday this year, following the lead of the previous season. Tuesday is the day Smite’s updates are issued. As a result, we may anticipate the release of Season 99 on a Tuesday in the middle of January. In other words, it’ll be available on that day in the year 2022.

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For the time being, we can only speculate on this. Hi- On January 6, at 3 p.m. ET, Rez is scheduled to show off everything new in Season 9. On their Twitch account, you may watch the broadcast in real-time.

As soon as we have official information, we’ll be updating this page as well.

SMITE Gameplay

Smite’s Conquest mode is the most extensive, offering various gameplay options. Training (against AI), Custom, Co-Op (with your clan/friends), Normal, and Ranked play modes are all available to gamers.

After that, users have the option of selecting from a range of common game modes. Games with special event rules like infinite Gold are also common.

Every game requires that participants take on the role of a god or other deity. 

Now, players can select characters from a wide range of cultures, including but not limited to those associated with the cultures of the ancient Near and the Middle East and the Near and Middle East. 

Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior are the five classes of characters. Two members of the same squad, unless otherwise specified, may not choose the same character (in competitive modes and those using a Draft pick method, each player must use a different character). 

Team compositions that perform well in RPG raids (tank, healer, physical/magical damage) are often based on the regular RPG raid setups.

Unlike other MOBAs, this one is played from a third-person rather than a top-down perspective, making it distinctive. Area damage, crowd control, buffs, and many more effects are available to each god’s basic attack, passive characteristic, and four special powers. 

The player’s character gains experience through killing minions, bringing down towers or phoenixes, and beating enemies, and these powers may be enhanced as the character progresses in the game. 

There are 20 levels, and each one is increasingly tough to complete. As a result of killing adversaries (player and NPC alike) or selling your stuff, you will earn a regular supply of Gold, which may be used to purchase items that boost your power or defense (such as potions and wards).

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Computer-controlled creatures like groups of cyclopes or Furies (the latter is sometimes termed harpies) spawn in the “forest” between the lanes, appearing in symmetrical patterns throughout the board. 

When a player kills a monster in the jungle, a “buff” drops to the ground, where it may be picked up by the player and used to get stat boosts such as increased damage, increased movement speed, and increased attack speed. 

There are three rare neutral monsters who, if slain, offer a high damage bonus for a medium period, a fixed amount of Gold, and an increased speed while leaving the base to the team that killed them. Some monsters merely provide experience and Gold rather than a boost.

Smite Season 9 New Modes

There are numerous important changes and additions to the “Battleground of the Gods” with the arrival of Smite season nine. In today’s Hi-Rez Showcase, developer Hi-Rez Studios detailed some of the additions and enhancements planned to the free-to-play MOBA in the year 2022. 

The Slash game mode, Smite’s first new permanent mode in years, was announced at the demo, a new god for players to control: Shiva the Destroyer.

Even while it hasn’t been established what Shiva’s function in Smite will be, he may serve as a supporting character, employing his aura to bolster his team’s power and determination. 

Hi-Rez told followers that the team worked with specialists to represent the Hindu god appropriately and respectfully. 

This February, Shiva joins Agni, Bakasura, Ganesha, Kali, Kumbhakarna, Rama, Ravana, and Vamana in the Hindu pantheon of the game’s Hindu deities.

There is one bright spot for eager gamers today: the release of Slash Mode. Alongside season nine comes Smite’s first, new permanent game mode in some years. 

Hi-Rez describes the new Slash mode as a fusion of Siege and Clash, with typical tower, phoenix, and titan goals and a jungle that falls in between Siege and Clash in size.

Clash’s wide middle area, 5v5 team sizes, and new Juggernaut camps that can be conquered to Spawn your Juggernaut that push lanes and can be transported like Siege,” Hi-Rez said. 

“An all-new image collection for this well-known pantheon will be available to Order Chaos players will use the Egyptian side players.”

Additionally, players may look forward to 14 new God skins, multiple upgrades to the game’s different Relics and equipment, five new Gods promised later this year, and other surprises the company has yet to reveal! 

However, gamers must pay $40 for the 2022 Smite Season Pass to get Shiva and the other forthcoming Gods. If you missed the presentation, the game’s official website has detailed every upcoming change for Smite.


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