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Rakshasa Street: Everything We Know About The Series!!

Do you enjoy watching Chinese anime? Would you want to join the Ghostdom community? What if this occurs in a different area? Oh, I’m sorry, but wouldn’t it be where such things happen?

Yes, you’ve got it correct. I’m talking about anime. If you enjoy watching supernatural and exciting action, this adapted anime is for you.

Humans are surrounded by negative spirits and loud crying. This is a horror anime set in a post-apocalyptic environment. However, it has an action-adventure theme.


There you go!

Rakshasa Street  About

Both shows are anime adaptations of the same book, written by Masami Kurumada and produced by A-1 Pictures. The fantasy thriller, Ghostdom, is based on a tour of duty.

As you watch it, you’ll learn the tale of the guardian’s journey and the stray girl’s adventure while traveling across.

Do you love touring? If you said yes, then this is a unique sort of journey for anime!

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The Rakshasas live on this street in the city of Lanka.

This is an exclusively male-centered facility, where humans come to destroy the spirits. This isn’t open to everyone, but some people can access it. One of them is a typical college intern.

When she walks out onto the street, she has no idea that she is capable of banishing evil spirits until she meets her guardian angel by chance. She discovers her ability and potential at this time.

She was offered the option of living a peaceful existence or taking on an extremely hazardous task. Because of the delay, the ghosts are vicious. For this, there is a General to oversee it in each nation.

The five nations’ leaders can call forth Might Spirits, which are known as Guardian Spirits, to fight for them. Some are accompanied by a guardian spirit from birth. It’s also available through repetition.

Have you wondered about the departed ones? Where do they go? The concept of this poem is to be a haven. The tale goes that way!

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Rakshasa Street  Trailers and Clips:

The trailer has been viewed more than 14,000 times by people among us. The trailer gives you a taste of what’s to come.

Here you go! Click the link below to watch the trailer!

Release Date

If you’re aware, the anime debuted in 2016. Apart from that, the anime aired on-screen from April 28, 2016, to October 20, 2016.

The series concluded with a total of 29 episodes in a row, making it the longest-running television program in history! We’ve become very interested in their work as we watched. So, when can we expect to see your theater ready for viewing?


This anime undoubtedly earned a slew of praise from both the audience and the viewers. The narrative and plot were fantastic, but they were also incredibly emotional and well-composed.

Around 30 IMDb users gave it an 8.0 out of 10, which is a pretty good ratio. Despite the fact that a smaller number of individuals voted for the anime, its average rating was 8.0, making it a fantastic watch anime.

Finally, anime was more popular among youngsters between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. What’s your age? Have you seen this anime? Did you like it? Please leave your thoughts in the box below!

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Amazon Prime Video offers an Indian version of Rakshasa Street.

You may watch this anime on a variety of services, including Anime-Planet, Bilibili, Tencent Video.

Fans of anime, in particular, love using these. You may use these to find all of the anime on your list!

Wrapping Up

The adapted anime is a decent series. This is yet to get added to your watchlist if you’re an anime enthusiast and have viewed the best, and anime!

You must watch it! I am confident you will enjoy it! Share your thoughts and let us know how much you liked this content.

Please leave a remark if you have any questions. Keep an eye on our homepage for all news about the screen debuts.

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