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3% Season 4: Everything we know about the series!!

3% Season 4

The Netflix original program 3% returned to the service in June, with season three. It was dubbed in Spanish, and it had eight episodes. The show’s fans are already familiar with the earlier installments, which were dubbed in Spanish.


Is there a possibility of more seasons on Netflix?

Netflix is going to release 3% on its subscriptions for the first six months. The audience should not be rushed, as the series has only four seasons.

When will Season 4 of 3% begin streaming?

3% Season 4 was released on August 14, 2020, with 7 episodes. The series was officially announced to be renewed by Netflix on August 2019.

The third season has already given the fans some of the show’s fantastic turns and twists, and it has set the stage for further developments in future seasons.

Netflix has all three seasons of 3% available, so those who have missed the excitement may now watch it.

The fans are extremely enthusiastic about the recently released season. And we’re hoping that they enjoy the season just like its prequels. Although manufacturing might be delayed as a result of the continuing epidemic.

3% Season 4: Official Trailer



The fourth and final season of the most anticipated Brazilian dystopian thriller streaming television series is out for streaming. You can watch the series on Netflix and remember to leave comments if this article was helpful to you.

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