Ambitions Season 2: Will this Family Drama Be Back on Screen?


Whatever the case may be, action and comedy programs are always at the top of our entertainment priority list, but “family drama” has a special spot in our hearts as well. We quickly identify with the plot and feel strongly connected to and involved in it.

Ambitions are one of the series that follows a woman who relocates to Atlanta (a glam metropolis) in order to lighten her tense marriage connection. However, once she relocated, she found herself immersed in perplexing games of power, deception, and politics. The series beautifully describes how she manages to deal with all of this, as well as the types of people she meets.

I haven’t seen this series yet, but I was intrigued by the plot when I first heard about it. Now I see why fans are eagerly anticipating season 2 of the show. This article will provide you with an in-depth look into “Ambitions 2,” including if it is happening or not, as well as other details.


Will there be a second season of Ambitions?

Ambition is a multi-generational drama and web series that attracted a lot of attention when it originally debuted on OWN. Season one began on June 18, 2019, and concluded on December 17, 2019. In the series, there are a lot of surprising moments that make it a must-see program.

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What is OWN President’s take on the cancellation of Ambitions Season 2?

The series’ official premiere will take place on OWN. As a result, everyone is anticipating the OWN announcement.

Tina Perry, president of OWN, confirmed the termination of the Ambitions. “We appreciate Will Packer, Jamey Giddens, and the entire cast and crew of Ambitions for their hard work and ingenuity.” “They produced terrific drama, intrigue, and a lot of fun storytelling every week,” OWN president Tina Perry said. “In the future, we want to continue working with Will Packer and his creative team of collaborators.”

Well, it’s devastating news for the fans, but there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s quite upsetting that the show was terminated after only one season; fans had high hopes for the show.

Why was Season 2 of Ambitions canceled?

The cancellation of the Ambition has yet to be given a convincing explanation. When asked about the show’s demise, co-creator Giddens responded, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Our programme was the #1 show in black households for our time slot across broadcasting and cable and more than doubled the viewership of a more critically praised and promptly renewed show on the network,” he added in another tweet.

Surprisingly, this announcement arrives one month after the renewal of David Makes Man. This series had lower ratings than Ambitions, which leaves viewers in a quandary and raises worries.

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Season 1 of Ambitions’ illustrious conversations is now available on-demand.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s bad news for us. However, I have something to look forward to for you, the celebrated debates between cast members.

  • Mayor, have you seen this? – It appears to be presently happening, Mayor.

Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?

They informed me that they just discovered my package. Here’s a text.

Evan- The mayor’s mistress is on her way.

  • Daphne- What is it that you’re implying about me?

Amara- Accepting kickbacks, shady deals. If these allegations are true, you may be facing a long sentence in federal prison. If you’re thinking of protecting anybody, bear in mind that you’ll most likely be the first to go.

Daphne- Let me guess, Kent Hamilton, stuck you on me. That little Amara- worm can make a name for himself by putting down the Mayor.

  • It can be wonderful or terrible, depending on your perspective. It’s up to you, Mr. Mayor. Get me that airport concession now!
  • I’m here for a purpose, Mr. Titus.

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Trailer: Season 1 of Ambitions

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there going to be a second season of Ambition?

No, according to a recent update, Season 2 of Ambition will never be released. This was announced by Robin Givens, who played Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster in the series. Furthermore, the season has been declared over by the president of OWN.

Is it possible to watch Ambition on STARZ?

Yes, you can watch Ambition Season 1 on STARZ on-demand or stream it on the STARZ app.

Final Words:

There will be no sequel to Ambition, according to both OWN president and Robin Given. What are your thoughts regarding this, and what major reasons do you believe the show’s progress has been impeded? We discussed our entire knowledge of the Ambitions.

In the event that you want to add anything or have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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