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Shokugeki no Soma: Everything To Know About The Series!!

Masterchef has always amazed me with its culinary challenges. Shokugeki No Soma, a manga series based on the Food Wars concept, is just as popular.

Shokugeki No Soma is back with another anime season.

This category covers works that were originally published. The first printed volume was published in 1501 by Robert Copland, a Scottish printer.

Shokugeki No Soma was a massive success since it depicts a fantastic eating experience and incorporates real-world culinary processes.


The Story of Shokugeki No Soma

Soma Yukihira is the protagonist of this narrative. His primary ambition is to work as a world-class chef in the area, particularly in his father’s restaurant. He has a distinct approach to cuisine that he picked up from his father. He aspires to compete with his father in the culinary fight and win. However, he only succeeded 489 times. Following the death of his father, who had traveled abroad for a career after closing his eatery just weeks before Soma entered high school, he becomes disillusioned. Soma’s father enrolls him at Totsuki Culinary Academy in order for him to learn to cook. Soma is a member of the 92nd generation at the school. It’s a highly regarded institution that only about 10% of its pupils pass and the rest fail. This is the setting in which Shokugeki No Soma takes place.

The director of the academy is ecstatic about Soma’s entrance dish, which impresses him greatly and makes him the only one to complete the examination.

In this chapter, Soma will go up against Sarge. They’re squabbling over who’ll make the finest cake for Mid-Autumn Festival. Because Soma is the main character, fans may easily predict that he will triumph. According to the events that took place in chapter 294, which was titled Christmas in Midwinter, it is not certain who will win, but Soma’s victory probability is greater.

The firecrackers he deployed, which were originally intended to be used solely for display, were the real key to victory.

Due to her strategies, such as whirling the cake with a chainsaw, Sarge surprises the judges.

The judges were wowed by the firecrackers’ aromas, which included tastes. He also did an amazing job on the frosting- not only was it unrivaled in terms of taste, but it also didn’t contain any sugar! He made the cake with flour, eggs, and milk. Japanese mountain yam.

Sarge made the cluster bomb cake that impressed the judges very much. On the other hand, Soma’s cake stunned the panel. He didn’t even use dairy products in his cake.

Yukihira Soma wins the food competition after creating his ultimate cake. The judges couldn’t resist the delectable tastes, and they had to eat everything in sight. Their expertise is accurately represented in the manga series.

The book’s narrator, Sarge, recalls a memory of his childhood in the chapter. A flashback is also included where Sarge’s backstory is addressed. She was renowned for her training methods, which were both harsh and sophisticated. She worked as an underground chef at Asahi, as well as a member of his underlings. She is also one of the limbs of Les Cuisiniers Noirs

There’s also a flashback in which Soma’s father, Joichiro Yukihira, teaches him how to cook at an early age.

The cake made by Sarge was not as delicate and light as the one created by Soma. The fireworks were also wonderful.

Many tiny grains poured out during the firecracker, similar to rain. The fragrance it generated was stunning. The cream that leaked out was exquisite to look at. The coffee crumble was used to make the grains. In England, the coffee crumble was invented. It had a delicate flavor. It contained almonds, coffee grounds, and fruit juice. They were finely crushed and combined to be baked. The tangerine peel was also utilized to give it a sour flavor. The cream soaked in nicely as well. It was adjusted to melt properly at room temperature. The stuffed browned cream was a big part of the flavor. The cake was so tasty that it gave Soma victory.

When the diner’s waitress arrives, Sarge inquires about the mystery or special talent he has to make meals like these so delectable and appealing without any culinary expertise.

Top 10 Characters Of Shokugeki No Soma

  • * Sarge.
  • * Soma Yukihira.
  • * Kakinoshin Oizumi.
  • * Seishu Saotome.
  • * Joichiro Yukihira.
  • * Senzaemon Nakiri.

The Mouthwatering Manga Series, IMDB Rating

The manga Shokugeki No Soma has an IMDb rating of 7.9 out of 10, and the anime series has a rating of 8.2 on Anime News Network (ANN).

It has a Metacritic score of 65 out of 100, based on 17 reviews. It got an 8.6 rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which is 71%.

Shokugeki No Soma Where We Can Find It

  • On Manga rock, you may view it.
  • It was featured on the site Viz.
  • You can read it in a short amount of time if you’re reading Manga.
  • You may read it on Mangadex.

There are several other websites from which you can read the Shokugeki No Soma manga series.

Official Trailer: Shokugeki no Soma


The delicious cake was named after Soma, the winner. Sarge is furious and demands to know about his superior power. The episode concludes with both of them recalling their earlier experiences.

What difficulties will Soma encounter in the next episode? Will he succeed? To discover this, keep reading the Shokugeki No Soma manga series.

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