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Quantico Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed?

Here’s a glimpse at the life of Quantico-trained FBI recruits as they go through training, one of whom is accused of being a sleeper terrorist.

Quantico was a considerable success for ABC, generating generally positive reviews from critics and holding its own against fierce competition. It also received some negative comments about the treatment of one character’s death, which notably occurred in the penultimate episode.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) debuted the American version of “Quantico” on September 27, 2015, and it concluded on August 3, 2018, with 57 episodes spread across three seasons.


Joshua Safran (creator and showrunner), and ABC Studios produced the series. The series will be developed by Mark Gordon, Robert Sertner, Nicholas Pepper, and Safran. In the third season, Michael Seitzman replaced showrunner and executive producer Dan Cutforth as executive producer with Safran remaining as an executive producer.

This is a web series that combines drama, crime, mystery, and thriller genres. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jake McLaughlin, and Johanna Braddy are among the celebrities who star in this action drama.

“Quantico” is the story of a young FBI recruit named Alex Parrish, who moves to New York City after working with her father in Washington, D.C.

FBI agent Alex Parrish is imprisoned for treason after a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal. In flashback sequences, she and her trainee classmates (each with a distinct motivation for joining the Bureau) are studying at the FBI Academy.

The contemporary chronology focuses on Parrish’s difficult connection to her friends as she flees, trying to prove her innocence, despite the fact that additional violent assaults occur.

In the second season, Parrish is fired by the FBI. She is a CIA agent working covertly for the FBI at The Farm in order to discover the AIC, a renegade element within the organization. In the present day, a terrorist organization called the Citizens Liberation Front launches a refugee crisis during the G-20 meeting in New York City.

CIA Director Matt Keyes and his wife, CIA Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Claire Haas, establish a covert CIA-FBI task force (headed by Clay Haas) two weeks after the refugee crisis to identify eight accomplices who have been clandestinely implicated in orchestrating it.

Three years have passed since the Constitutional Convention in the second season. After living incognito in Italy, Parrish is compelled to return to the United States when Ryan Booth informs her of Shelby Wyatt’s capture by The Widow, a prominent international arms dealer.

The two of them enlist the help of Owen Hall and Harry Doyle in order to save Wyatt. Bob Hall entices Jocelyn Turner to join the team after recalling their shared history, urging her to tell him what she knows about the arms dealer.

The crew must locate Wyatt at all costs before the end of the clandestine operation, due to its tough conditions.

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Quantico Web Series Star Cast:

The following are the cast members for this web series, each with a brief description of his or her character’s name.

  • Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish
  • Josh Hopkins as Liam O’Connor
  • Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth
  • Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw
  • Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas
  • Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah and Raina Amin
  • Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt
  • Tate Ellington as Simon Asher
  • Anabelle Acosta as Natalie Vasquez

In what order do the Quantico seasons premiere?

In three years, a lot can happen. The Season 2 finale revealed that a terrorist attack on the United States Capitol had occurred, leading to the formation of an FBI-backed international task force. Ryan was wounded in action and subsequently arrested after being framed for murder. Alex left him and went to Italy, where she established a new family, with the showjumping forward three years later.

Ryan and Shelby were discovered together in Mexico by her. When they were reunited, she learned that Ryan had married her closest friend from their FBI training days, Shelby (Johanna Braddy).

She has created a black-ops team with some old pals, Owen (Blair Underwood) and Harry (Russell Tovey), as well as a new recruit, ex-FBI agent Jocelyn (Marlee Matlin), to combat threats to the United States at the conclusion of the premiere.

What happened to Caleb Haas at Quantico?

Do you have any idea why Caleb was removed from the series? Obviously, he will not return until his brother is brought in to replace him, which implies he will not be returning anytime soon (or ever)? I’m disappointed because I liked this character.

It’s because, in my opinion, they wanted to give Shelby a chance to trace the entire male line of the Haas family. I’m wondering if there’s a grandparent in the family. Perhaps she’s interested in him for the same reason.

Who is the traitor in Quantico Season 2?

When the traitor was revealed at the end of Season 2, it turned out that Liam had deceived the FBI into thinking Miranda was behind both the Grand Central and Command Center explosions.

Last week, the individual who had a secret hideaway destroyed was Jeremy Miller, implying that he staged his own murder. Liam shot Miranda once she learned he was the traitor. He was a member of the Citizen’s Liberation Front, alongside Angie and Jason, who sought FBI aid in ousting the AIC from Miranda.

It was only when they murdered the first lady, who was also a member of the CLF since she had requested AIC representatives to attend the G20 Summit, that things started to go wrong for them.

Alex Parrish is the main protagonist of Priyanka Chopra’s ABC series Quantico.

She is an agent of the BSU, formerly a member of the FBI’s Criminal Minds division. Her partner in the field is David Rossi (portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler). She’s acknowledged as the brightest student in her year. She was implicated in a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal after her old instructor framed her.

She was fired from the FBI and subsequently accepted a position with the CIA, where she has since been named a fugitive for leaking sensitive US intelligence to the press. Priyanka Chopra portrays her.

Priyanka Chopra, nee Jonas (nee 18 July 1982) is an Indian film actress, singer, and movie producer. India has had a long history of producing internationally recognized celebrities, including Chopra, who was the Miss World 2000 winner. He is among the most well-known and highest-paid performers in India. She has received several accolades, including two National Film Awards and five Filmfare Awards.

She was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Sports by Sports Business Group, appeared on Forbes’ list of The World s 100 Most Powerful Women, and was recognized with the Padma Shri by India’s government in 2016. In 2018, she was included on Time’s list of the world’s most influential people.

Is there going to be a fourth season for Quantico?

Priyanka Chopra’s popular American television series, Quantico, will not be renewed for a fourth season. The show was recently granted an additional season 3 extension with a lower license fee and new creative leadership, just weeks before the previous one expired.

The program has been performing poorly in the ratings for a long time, and the third season is off to a poor start. According to rumors, it does well enough in streaming and internationally, but I can’t imagine it getting slammed with such terrible reviews.

For this reason, I will come to the epilogue as the cause of the show’s conclusion.

Is there a real ending to Quantico?

Season 1 of Quantico debuted on September 27, 2015. The second season debuted on September 25, 2016, with 22 episodes in each season. Meanwhile, the third season, which comprises 13 episodes in total, premiered on April 26, 2018.

Overall, the series began to lose momentum after three seasons with its complex storyline and serialization. It all started in the second half of its first season and continued to get worse until seasons 2 and 3.

The three-season run of Priyanka Chopra’s FBI thriller Quantico on ABC has ended, leaving a lot of unfinished business. That’s a downer if you’re a Quantico fan!

Quantico: Ratings

Based on the Quantico TV series and web series, I estimate that they have a 6.7 IMDb rating. The overall ranking for the 3 seasons from 2015 to 2018. It’s not just that there are nearly 60,000 unhappy IMDb users who have given the movie a one-star rating.

Season 1 was fantastic. I loved the story arc, in which they recounted their training at Quantico and how they would employ it later on, as well as how the conclusion came to an end at the start of Graduation. In the TV production business, this is a work of art.

Season 2- This one was fascinating, keeping me on my feet through the terrorist scenario early on, but I remained a bit perplexed. Season two of Killing Eve was undoubtedly the best season, slightly worse than Season one.

Season 3- Horrible It wasn’t even comparable to Seasons 1 or 2. There are no flashbacks, not even a little bit, with Ryan. Rather than the entire team trying to solve one massive mystery, it’s just a slew of unscripted mysteries similar to those found in any police drama.

This storyline continues until episode 9 or 10 when it culminates in a villain. I’m not sure if the program could have been much better. It has a feeling of deja vu about it like they’ve given up. Even if the show was far superior, it may have launched fewer episodes.

Quantico Official Trailer

The best videos and trailers from Quantico Season 2.

Quantico Official Trailer:

Where Can I Watch The Quantico Season 1?

The Quantico web series is exclusively available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. On iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu, you can rent or purchase Quantico.


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