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PMP Exam: Details Determine Whether You Can Pass

One step that project management can’t get around is to get a PMP (Project Management Professional Qualification). Because to register for the exam, you must first have more than 35 hours of project management PMBOK study or training experience, so generally will find PMP training institutions, make up these 35 hours to earn enough credit.

At the training facility, there will be teachers with you to talk on the side of PMBOK. Generally, before this, people in the organization would advise you to read the book at least twice. But I’m sure people won’t go and see it.

If there is time, of course, the first over the book is the best, if not read at all, then the teacher lecture must listen carefully. Now that you’ve gone to sit over there and listen to the class, don’t look down and play with your cell phone. Follow the teacher’s rhythm and go through nine areas of knowledge.

If you must read the book three times before the exam, then follow the teacher to a class, even if it is again. Then, two more times.

Read the book first and then the interpretation of the PMP exam. I belong to the more forgetful people, so generally after reading a chapter, to correspond to that chapter of interpretation. This view is easy to series and figures out where the test points are. Keep this part of the memory. Go again quickly a third time.

If the first two times to see more detailed, the next third time, the fourth time, basically two days, a day can be completed. If you want to pass the PMP certification exam spoto website at one time, you cannot rely solely on your own strength. Therefore, in addition to your own time and energy, it is also very important to find an excellent PMP training institution, which will make your preparation for the exam more effective.

In addition, it is recommended that you treat PMP preparation as a newly started project so that the results will become controllable. Generally speaking, the PMP test preparation period is 3 months. In terms of time investment, you need to spend about 1-2 hours a day to read books, do questions, and persist for 3 months. In this process, teachers’ professional guidance, Systematic explanation, and training, consolidation of group activities, etc.

there is no problem in passing the exam smoothly. PMP certification exam preparation, the entire learning process requires 200 hours of learning time. The pass rate of excellent domestic PMP training institutions is still very high. As long as they study according to their process, there is no problem to pass the exam. But the key is to choose a PMP training institution and keep your eyes open.

I just took the test of PMBOK. I read it all through, and then I passed it. I felt pretty good. Only 2 of the 40 people who participated in the training hadn’t passed it.

As project management skills are often used in work, and project managers who need PMP qualifications are often seen in project bidding, they began to start this year’s PMP learning process.
At the beginning, I searched for relevant PMP training institutions on Google, such as the teaching quality of the training institutions, the exam pass rate and the training methods, etc. It is really dazzling to people. Which training institution should I choose? I haven’t thought about it. Later, through communication with friends, I learned about a more reliable training organization, SPOTO.

Although there is only 3 months of study time, I think it is also one of the important nodes in my life. Around this exam, I have been preparing for the exam for three months. Also based on the knowledge I learned in the PMP training, I made further improvements and amendments to my life and career plan.

As time goes on, there is still a month left (the exam training will start two and a half months early).
What you do for the rest of the month will directly determine whether the exam can pass.

The first thing to do is to do the problem. I’m the kind of person who’s very quick to solve, so basically, a set of real questions can be done in two hours. It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a full two-hour evening every two days. Try to finish ten sets of real questions before the exam.

It can be painful to start with a problem, with an error rate of at least 40%. Don’t lose heart. The wrong time to see if the basics are not remembered, or really inexplicable do not understand. Knowledge points do not remember the place, return to read a book to strengthen memory. Mark the wrong questions and focus on them the week before the exam.

After being familiar with the knowledge point, then do the problem found that is always wrong, that is, the “what should be done next” question. One look at the options, all four are right. There is nothing that can be directly excluded. This kind of question, in fact, is the sort of question. Select the next step of the four answers, which describes the process closest to the stem. This requires familiarity with the basics to correspond each option to the individual procedures and then sort them.

47 process groups must carry the rolling melons to rot. It can be written from the perspective of knowledge domain division, or from the perspective of the five process groups. They all have strong connections within them.

Here highly recommended Sun Zhibin teacher’s serial lectures (also found on the Internet), a total of several logical lines.

  1. The results line (the process of the four output results) is not
  2. Work performance line (3)
  3. Change the request line (3)
  4. 13 sub-plans and 3 major benchmarks
  5. 5 large 2 (forecast, log, calendar, registry, SOW).
  6. These logical lines straightened out, the exam can certainly pass!

Finally, the most important thing is to read after the work is done. In fact, every day to keep reading two or three hours of books, certainly passed the test no problem!

I wish all the students who want to take the PMP exam pass smoothly.

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