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Twin Star Exorcists Season 2: Is it Returning or Just a Hoax?

Twin Star Exorcists is coming back for a second season! The anime’s first season aired in 2016 and the sequel will be airing this year. This story follows two exorcists, Rokuro and Benio, who are on opposite sides of an ancient conflict that has raged for over 400 years. They come from a long line of exorcists who have been fighting to keep evil spirits at bay since the time of the samurai. But they can’t do it alone! Luckily, they’re not alone in their fight against these supernatural forces. Together they are known as the ‘Twin Star Exorcists’ and are destined to marry.

Action and fantasy series are frequently appreciated by a wide range of people, therefore they are genres that have a lot of demand. You also enjoy these genres.

Of course, you understand why you’re here and seeking Season 2 of Twin Star Exorcists. We understand your enthusiasm for the program, which is why we’ve included all of the show’s in-depth information.


Season 2 of Twin Star Exorcists

Twin Star Exorcists is a Japanese action fantasy anime series created and illustrated by Yoshiaki Sukeno. It is derived from the same kind of fantasy manga by Yoshiaki Sukeno.

Twin Star Exorcists

The manga was adapted into an anime series by Studio Pierrot. The first season of the program aired on April 6, 2016, and had a total of 50 episodes over three years. The first season of Twin Star Exorcists ended three years ago, and the fans have been waiting for the second installment.

It’s one of those typical shonen anime programs that doesn’t offer anything new, yet people still enjoy it. This may look like a mix of several shonen anime series to some viewers.

Will there be another sequel in the works? Keep reading to know.

Is the second season of Twin Star Exorcists open for applications?

The first season of Twin Star Exorcists debuted on April 6, 2016, and had 50 episodes. As a result, the series is somewhat drawn out, but it captivates its audience.

The viewers will have a positive experience by the end. As a result, the show’s popularity has soared, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next season.

It’s been four years since the series debuted, so there’s still hope for a second season. There has been no word on the show’s continuation.

The report from The Anime Daily also states that the producers have not abandoned Twin Star Exorcists Season 2. Still, there is hope for it, and this is a sigh of relief for all of its followers.

Don’t give up hope yet; when the producers provide us an update, we will immediately notify you by updating this part.

Twin Star Exorcists Season 2 Envisioned Cast and Characters

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the main characters of the program if you binge-watched it. If you’re not, then we’ve prepared a list for you.

Finally, if the series is given another opportunity to make a return on the big screen, all of the primary actors would be present. Consider each of these factors carefully-

  • Rokuro Enmado (the protagonist)
  • The protagonist is Benio Adashino (the main character).
  • Ryougo Nagitsuji (Rokuro’s friend)
  • Shinnosuke Kunizaki (a hair-covered exorcist)
  • Atsushi Sukumozuka (a red streak runs down his hair and is an exorcist)
  • Zenkichi Otomi (Mayura’s grandfather and Yukari’s father)
  • Benio’s legal guardian is Benio Nao (Benio’s father).

Twin Star Exorcists: Storyline

Why did the series get such a positive reaction? One of the main reasons for it is its fascinating narrative. Yes, it’s the plot. Here’s a quick sample.

Kegare is frightening mummies that seek to destroy the world. These creatures, known as “Kegare,” dominate a kingdom similar to Magano, where exorcists wage war on them in order to preserve humanity. Benio Adashino is one of these exorcists who is a renowned child with remarkable strength.

She was immediately sent to Tokyo city by an exorcist organization the following day. On the way there, she met another exorcist named Rakuro, who had a horrible childhood. The circumstances in Magano rapidly deteriorate, and the two exorcists witness the creatures taking two youngsters.

Benio and Rakuro followed them as they departed for Magano. She went up against ‘Kegare,’ a formidable opponent, and was completely overwhelmed. When Benio was nearly beaten, Rakuro instantly revealed his true power and saved her.

He demonstrates his skills as an exorcist by vanquishing her and even becoming her toughest adversary. The Twin Star Exorcists are destined to be the ‘Twin Star Exorcists,’ and they will purify the world of Magano of malicious forces.

How did the audience react to Twin Star Exorcists?

Despite being so long since the premiere, the Twin Star Exorcists’ fans have given it a good response. The series was given a 7.1/10 by IMDb and a 7.3/10 by My Anime List.

Where can I watch Twin Star Exorcists?

You can watch Twin Star Exorcists on a number of different sites.

Crunchy Roll and Amazon Prime are two of the most popular platforms where you can watch Twin Star Exorcists.


The trailer is not released yet. let’s watch the official trailer of Twin Star Exorcists.


Keep your fingers crossed that the franchise will return if it’s good. We’ve outlined all of the reasons why the series might be re-filmed. I am hoping that you will benefit from this article.

It is possible to have any issues, so please tell us if you have any questions in the comments area. We can assist you with the same.

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