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Will There Be A Third Sequel To The Babysitter? Check For More Updates!

The Babysitter is a horror film from the United States that premiered in 2017. The film’s narrative was largely concerned with a Satanic-worshipping or demon-worshiping cult of six high school students. The children are herding a flea who has been allowed to live in the house after being lured away from his surroundings by an enticing bug. The leader of the kids is Bee, who is also a babysitter. The remaining team members are Bee’s accomplices in the crime.

There’s always a lot of excitement before a horror film is released. The thrilling trailer succeeded in establishing the right ambiance for this film.

After the positive feedback from the audience, McG wanted to produce a second movie, and he did. The next edition, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, was released in 2017. The appearance of Samara Weaving in the second sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, boosted the number of viewers considerably. To discover more about the series and a good possibility of The Babysitter 3, keep reading.

The plot of The Babysitter

Cole is a ten-year-old boy who has had a lot of problems in school. He is frequently harassed by the more powerful kids because he is labeled as weak and geeky. He feels lonely and unhappy because he can’t tell anybody about it. His melancholy over his lack of bravery and bashfulness rises.

Cole meets Bee

On a fateful day, when he was being assaulted, a beautiful High School student appears and drives the bullies away. Cole finds Bee, a lovely girl, to be his new babysitter. Cole is ecstatic to see how delightful and cool his new sitter is. They make friends quickly. Bee never maltreats or torments Cole. On the other side, Bee and Cole spend a lot of quality time together, and Cole has never been more fulfilled.

Cole has no idea what horrors this sweet dream babysitter will unleash in his sleep.

The Demonic cult of The Babysitter

Bee has some of her friends over one night when Cole’s parents are not home and pretends to be asleep, at which point Bee spins the bottle. Cole enjoys a sneak peek at the Forbidden adult world, thanks to his spying on Bee.

That night, Cole discovers something terrible. He finds out that Bee and her friends are Devil’s disciples in every sense of the word. They sacrifice innocent’s blood to Worship Devil and in return, they lead their dream life. Bee slashes Samuel’s throat, as seen in this clip from “The Colennis Wilkins Story.” He is discovered by the raving flock just as he discovers them.

After a long struggle, everyone but Bee is killed.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The sequel to the first part was made available on Netflix immediately in 2020. The sequel did not continue from the established genre of the previous film. The first film, a horror, and supernatural tale followed the pattern. The second example, on the other hand, is more comparable to a horror comedy.

Cole’s story

The second book continues Cole’s story as he struggles to deal with the trauma of his human-sacrificing demon worshipper babysitter. Because it is no longer true, his truth always had zero credibility, and thus he is led to a psychologist. When Cole is bored with everything, his crush Melanie invites him to join her at a remote lake home for the weekend. Cole is unaware that he is still not safe with Melanie.

Cole then sees that Bee’s gang has returned from the dead, but they will not allow Cole to go free this time. The twist is that Melanie, Cole’s childhood best buddy and crush, has become the Devil’s dealer and will kill anyone for more power.

The group’s madness appears to have gotten worse after its demise. They once again attempt to kill Cole. Cole tries to escape the room, but he is confronted by another person who attempts to save him. Phoebe, a new student at school, enters the scene and becomes a target as Cole takes her help. Now both of them must battle for their lives.

Bee is back!!!

In the second film, Bee returns from the dead. She explains that she loved both Phoebe and Cole and did everything in her power to assist them. She only asked Cole to join her cult in order for him to live a happy life. She made a bargain with the Devil to save Phoebe’s life as well.

Finally, she kills herself because she is an undead demon who doesn’t belong to the human world.

The reception was divided between defenders and critics.

The fact that Samara Weaving (Bee) played the role of The Babysitter in 2017, and that it was her first film, sparked a lot of interest. However, what made the film so appealing was not only the script and cast, but also the scene in which Phantom discovers his true strength against a backdrop of gigantic explosions.

The scene where Bee kills Samuel with a pair of daggers staking through his head, shocked viewers. It was a horrible, excruciating scenario that the viewers happily consumed. I suppose it’s good to see that the movie confirmed my theory.

The critics and the general audience have reacted differently to the sequel, The Babysitter. According to a large number of critics, the second film was not nearly as successful. It is not a legitimate horror film, and it did not have enough of a supernatural narrative. The parents’ position is also ridiculous. Cash grabs have been labeled an expert term.

Fans of horror-comedy, on the other hand, did not care for the film. For the Netflix viewers, Melanie’s and Bee’s reversal of roles appears to be successful. Cole and Phoebe’s budding romance has only intensified the fans’ adoration for it.

Inevitable comparison

The second one, in comparison to the first, has not generated the level of interest that was anticipated. The usage of comic moments appears to be incorrect, according to critics.

Will The Babysitter 3 Arrive Soon On The Big Screen?

Despite a disappointing sequel, the director McG has expressed interest in making a third movie. But he has also said the following-

We have the tale, and I believe it is best in the hands of the audience. We won’t do it if the audience demands it, and we’ll do it when the audience wants it. And if they say no thank you, we won’t. I would be honored, as I’d want to bring the Cole character’s story to a close.

What can we anticipate from The Babysitter 3?

There are a lot of things that can happen. Another major factor is the new connection between Phoebe and Cole, as well as their next adventure. Despite the fact that all of the important characters have perished, the series may resurrect a satanic cult (They did so once before). Perhaps you’ve already tried once to make a return or purchase, and for whatever reason, it didn’t work out. Perhaps your MoonBee simply needs a little more time in the spotlight.

The Devil’s book, which appears to be unharmed in the second part, is expected to set up the basis for a third sequel.

Can We Expect Babysitter 3 to be released in the near future?

According to the director, Mr. McG, he would solely rely on the audience’s opinion about the next episode. If he decides to do so, it will almost certainly be a direct Netflix debut. However, Netflix has given few details about the project moving forward.

At this time, there was no official announcement, so no date could be given.

After The Babysitter: Killer Queen’s credits scene, The Babysitter 3 is expected to be on Netflix.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen picks up two years after the events of the first film, and Cole (Judah Lewis) is still troubled by the notion that his favorite babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) was the leader of a blood cult who’d struck a bargain with the Devil.

Cole believed he’d gotten away, but when he goes to a party with his closest friend Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind), his past comes back to haunt him, literally, as the blood cult members resurrect for a second chance at sacrificing Cole.

If you haven’t seen The Babysitter: Killer Queen yet, look away now because we’re about to get into spoilers regarding how it lays the groundwork for a third film.

The Babysitter : killer queen trailer


The appeal of horror films is unshakable. They’re extremely popular, and their number of books is unrivaled. The standard must be maintained in order to satisfy the demanding audience. The first film in the series managed to pull it off, whereas the second one fell short.

What could be a greater method to even things out by another component three? The new component will provide numerous new avenues for the directors and writers to explore, as well as a fantastic present for fans who have been so loyal to the series.

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