London Kills Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


The British police drama series London Kills is based on a true story. Do you want to discover a series like that? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a police procedural series.

The series began with Marquess, which aired on Acorn TV in the United States of America on February 26th.

The first episode of London Kills is about a murder in London. The program was originally planned to air on Channel 5.

1 st July 2019, London Kills Season 1 was released on Region 2 DVD. On May 6, 2020, the same thing occurred in Australia.

In addition, the second season premiered on July 15th in the United States of America. Since then, fans (including me) have been waiting for the next sequel (the 3rd Season).

Keeping this in mind here’s everything you need to know about the third season of London Kills in a nutshell, including the plot, characters, and release date.

Have you watched the previous seasons of the program (1 st and 2nd )? If you haven’t yet seen it, you can infer the series’ popularity from its IMDb rating of 6.7 with 1,150 votes.

So, keep reading down…


London Kills Season 3

As I said before, London Kills is one of the greatest British police-procedural television series ever made. Paul Marquess is the author and creator of the book.

The fast-paced, tense, twisted reality murder tale of Season 3 is just what you’d expect.

The series is comparable to other crime dramas like Castle or you can even say the amazing Criminal Minds. Season three of London Kills is thrilling, dark, devious, and highly addictive.

Season 3 of London Kills was the third season.

With one of the most famous cities in the world, London Kills gives us drama in style. Detective David Bradford is the main protagonist of the series.

That is why he is competent and wise, which is why he was chosen to lead an elite murder investigation.

The next morning, David returns to the police station to investigate a new assassination of the son of an MP. The body was discovered hanging on a tree. “Thanks a lot, guys,” says DI Bradford. He holds up his notes and the document in front of him. In London Kills Season 3, you can witness their interaction as she asks him questions about his abrupt return.

It appears that there’s more to their connection than just employer-employee. Each episode revolves around a new murder, but the story focuses on David Bradford’s wife vanishing. She was gone for almost three months. In addition, the detective was unable to solve the case.

He believes she has departed and refuses to contact him. This tells us that their relationship wasn’t working. The detectives must delve into a larger and broader conspiracy with each murder case.

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Season 3 of London Kills is on its way, and it’s bringing back many of the original cast/actors.

  • David Bradford is the head of the Metropolitan Police’s Murder Investigation Team, played by Hugo Speer.
  • Sharon Small stars as Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole, David’s direct superior.
  • Rob Brady, a seasoned investigator, and senior Detective Constable played by Bailey Patrick.
  • Billie Fitzgerald is a young trainee detective constable who works alongside David as part of his team. She’s the youngest member of the squad, and she’s got quite the history.
  • Amber Saunders is a blind street musician who befriends Billie, played by Jennifer Jacques.
  • Maimie McCoy as Grace Harper, Bradford’s witness under the protection of Detective Inspector David Bradford

We all know that characters are critical to the success of any narrative. The following are the characters that should be appreciated.

Season 3 is on the way, and it’ll be available for us to stream when?

The second season of London Kills aired on July 15th, 2019. On the same day, all five episodes of the second season were released. Some issues are left unresolved as the 1st season aired on February 25, 2019. After that, fans wanted to know what became of Carly Bradford.

Even this question didn’t have a resolution in the second season, and many other questions are left unanswered. It is uncertain whether a second season will be produced.

However, the best guess is that if the show is renewed, London Kills Season 3 will premiere in 2021.

Season 3 Trailer for London Kills

 You can discover London Kills Season 3’s trailer when it is ready, either on Acorn TV or on Prime Video to refresh your memories until then. let’s watch London kills trailer:


the first season of London Kills is now available on Netflix. It’s a mystery thriller that follows police detective and self-defense instructor, Jack Kerrigan (Charlie Creed-Miles), as he investigates the grisly deaths of several young women in London during the 1980s.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any chance of the third season of London Kills?

There has been no formal declaration at the moment.

In total, how many episodes of London Kills are there?

There are 10 episodes in the series.

Final Words

Season 3 of London Kills is a fantastic program that millions of individuals enjoy. However, the series’ official release date has not been set yet. So, we’ll have to wait until the last touches are made before finding out whether or not the program will air.

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