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Anki Overdrive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Check Here: How Much Discount You Will Get?

Anki Overdrive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Check Here: How Much Discount You Will Get?

Anki, a company known for its consumer robotics releases, launched the original Starter Kit several years ago. Since then it has grown into an expansive lineup of different versions and expansions that have won many awards. We can’t help but speculate about what will happen with the Anki Overdrive Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals of 2021.

Overdrive Black Friday Deal Predictions

We were big fans of Anki’s Overdrive robot when it first came out. Now, two years later there is a good chance they will have some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The following are the specifics of what we predict will happen:

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

The Starter Kit was the first in the Overdrive series to be released. We’ve found some nice Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals since it’s been on the market for so long, with around 34-35% off for the past 2 years running! Additionally, there have been many other sales at various points in the year with 20% off. Because of this, we think there is a high chance of Overdrive Starter Kit deals on Black Friday 2021.

Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition

We don’t yet have many details about this kit, but we expect a prediction of the Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition for 2021. Likewise, this Edition saw its best discount during Black Friday last year with 35% off. Several other offers of 20 – 30 % off have also been seen, so again we are confident that Overdrive Fast & Furious Black Friday sales to some degree.

Expansion Sets

There are many ways to enhance the fun of Overdrive with more cars and tracks. Our data shows it is likely some Upgrades Black Friday sales will be in effect on these expansions– we think discounts could reach 30% or so which is pretty good.

The Overdrive expansion track sets seen have past discounts too. The launch kit had a modest 25% discount at one time, while the collision kit was an impressive 50%. We expect a discount on these sets for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021. Check the top of this page for updates.

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What is Anki Overdrive All About?

Overdrive is a remote-controlled car racing game where kids get to drive and battle other cars. It is possible to play against AI-controlled opponents, but you will need the Starter Kit or Fast & Furious Edition in order to build your own tracks. They will need to download the companion app for IOS or android on a compatible device to control their robotic supercar, or truck if you got an expansion set.

Assembly is very easy as it all fits together with magnets and the children are guided by instructions from the app. The Starter Kit includes directions for 8 different track layouts but there are also expansions available for purchase in order to build a more lengthy track if that’s what they want to do eventually.

The app provides virtual weapons like flamethrowers and plasma guns to help shoot down virtual cars. Kids can race against each other or the AI personalities, who control the cars autonomously and learn new tracks. The selection of both retail and digital games in Overdrive keeps things interesting for kids who are playing alone.

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Still not convinced? Watch the short clip below to see it in action or head back up to the top of this page for any overdrive Black Friday deals we’ve come across this year.

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