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What Is a Good Download Speed?

Internet speed is something on the basis of which we choose the internet service provider. Everyone has a rough to accurate idea about what their speed requirements are depending on their daily online activities. More or less we all need high-speed internet to run our online activities smoothly. Be it online gaming, watching streaming sites, downloading files or documents, or simply surfing social media sites, no one is ready to tolerate slow-speed internet. 

There are different service providers available in the market that offers different packages in which download and upload speeds vary. The speed and price ratio go hand in hand. Often a service provider that is offering more speed will cost you extra money for that too. For your convenience, you can check ATT internet services that have multiple speed plans within different price ranges. So you get an option to choose speeds according to your requirement and budget.

But have you ever thought about what is considered as fast internet or a good download speed?

What is considered as fast internet?

Different people have different definitions of what a fast internet is, but in general anything above the speed of 100 Mbps is considered as fast internet. It can connect multiple devices at the same time and allow multiple users to access data at the same time. Do not cause any lagging or latency issues and carry out all the online tasks uninterrupted. These are the key factors based on what people consider an internet service as fast internet.

However, internet speeds also depend on the type of internet connection you opt for. Download and upload speeds vary for different locations and areas. If you’re living in a rural area chances are that a DSL or satellite internet is your savior and can help you get decent speeds. Whereas if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where fiber optic technology internet reaches then worrying about speeds is not your cup of tea. 

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Fiber optic and coax internet connection can deliver you internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps which are more than enough for any internet user to carry out online activities without a hassle. The type of internet connection does make a difference but depending on your location and availability, even 10 Mbps would be considered as a blessing and fast internet for some people.

What is a good download speed?

The download speed you get from your service determines how fast a piece of information can reach at your home from the internet. It depends on the usage of the internet and varies for every household. 

For most people using the internet, good download speeds can be 100 Mbps. It also somehow depends on your everyday activities. 100 Mbps of download speeds allows having a glitch-free internet experience for 2-5 devices at the same time. Some people can also do well with 10 Mbps of speed whereas for some 50 Mbps would be less. However, for general web surfing, 10 Mbps is considered a decent download speed. 

For a person that spends most of their time at home and their primary online activities include surfing social media, watching streaming sites, and E-shopping, for them 25 Mbps is enough as it will provide them a standard internet experience.

But for people who have more number of users connected to the internet device majority of the time for gaming, streaming, or who work remotely and highly depend on internet speeds, require more download speeds. They will even consider speeds up to a gig as a good download speed,

Why is download speed more important than upload speed?

While going through plans and packages of different internet service providers you might have noticed that they have only mentioned the download speeds and not upload speeds. The reason is that upload speeds only refer to the internet connection that can allow data to be sent from your devices to the internet whereas the download speeds are more important because most of the activities of an average internet user rely on them.

From downloading large files at a workspace to watching streaming time, for perfect online communication to run websites and browse through social media, having more download speed have a lot of benefits.

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How to find out what internet speeds you’re getting?

To find out what internet speeds you’re getting at your home you can take a speed test from your internet browsers. Connect your computer to your router or modem using an Ethernet cable and navigate to any speed test website. Your internet service provider probably has a speed test option available on the website too.

Or you always have an option to go to customer service too. Contact the customer support service or your respective internet company and inquire about what speeds are being provided at your home. Know more about the different plans and speeds they are offering and pick a plan according to your desired speed requirement.

Wrapping it up:

Internet speeds play an essential role in determining your online experience. Fast speed internet is extremely important for any online activity and more than that fast download speeds are important to do average online tasks efficiently. Download speed of 25 Mbps is usually considered good for most online activities but if you have large applications and multiple devices connected simultaneously then you will need 50 to 100 Mbps of download speed. So before getting a connection, determine your speed requirements and get a connection that’s cheap yet offers good download speeds.

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