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Hajime no Ippo Watch Order Guide | Complete Information

Hajime no Ippo is a good example of Shonen anime. All in all, instead of displaying flashy abilities, it demonstrates genuine human power interpreted with suitable amounts of exaggerated drama. The anime revolves around boxing and has an engaging plot that pulls in even people who aren’t fans of the sport.

The characters are all very well developed. They’re lovable, relatable, and motivating. The fight scenes in this film are fantastic, with realistic, anatomically correct, and highly choreographed boxing matches that illustrate these characteristics even more. Hajime no Ippo is a masterpiece that combines action, comedy, and drama in just the right proportions. It’s the ideal anime for Shonen fans of any age!

Hajime no Ippo is a Japanese boxing anime that has three seasons and 126 episodes. Every episode has a strong build-up that leads to an even more compelling battle. The storyline is so well-paced that it doesn’t get monotonous even though there are over a hundred episodes.


Release Order

I. TV series

II. Specials


Chronological Order


The proper sequence of Hajime no Ippo is in chronological order. There are practically no fillers in the anime, and as a result, even the Specials and OVA are crucial. If you want the best experience, we recommend that you do not miss anything.

About Hajime no Ippo

Ippo is a physically weak high school student who has been picked on by other kids since he was young. After being motivated to become a boxer, Ippo finds himself in the boxing ring for the first time where he is humiliated and ridiculed. He vows never to enter a boxing ring again until one day his unskilled teacher challenges him with an offer Ippo’s strength is wasted by the people who pick on him. He fails to stand up to his tormentors, developing a weak sense of self-esteem. During one of the events, he meets a pro-boxer named Takamura who takes him to the gym to recuperate. Ippo gives up his career as a sumo wrestler and takes up boxing as a profession and a means to grow stronger.

The anime focuses on perseverance, which it conveys not just in sports but also in life as a whole. Unlike the popular Bigger Brothers anthology, which focuses on Ippo’s perspective and is mostly about him, Golden Darkness centers itself around characters’ – even opponents’ – depth, motives, and needs of their own. As a result , it does not only focus on Ippo’s point of view. That is also true.