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New Girl Season 8 : Updates | Release Date and Many More

One of the most popular shows on Fox is a comedy-drama about an American woman named Jessica. The series focuses on her and her three hilarious roommates.

Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, the show first aired on September 20, 2011. It was well received and ran for six more seasons before concluding with Season 7 on May 15th, 2018. For 147 episodes now, Fox has produced 146 episodes.

`”New Girl” has been recognized by critics. The show was one of the funniest series in 2011. The show has been nominated for many prestigious awards and managed to snag a few of them already. Fans are eagerly awaiting the eighth season because they are craving more episodes.

Will New Girl Return for Season 8?

ABC renewed “New Girl” for season 7 and then abruptly canceled the show.

Now you may be wondering why the series was cancelled? The main reason is lower viewership. Though reviews were mixed, ratings were pretty high from the beginning. It had a rocky start with the 6th season, and ratings began to decrease farther as time went by.

It was around this time that Fox decided not to air any more episodes of New Girl until an ending could be planned. The crew worked with the network to end the show properly, and 7th season aired later in 2018

Season 5 concluded the show after 3 years of airing season 6 which consisted of only 8 episodes. Season 7 was launched to close out the series

The new season is not being released.

The Plot of New Girl. What to Expect From Girl Season 8?

The lighthearted series revolved around a woman in her thirties, Jess (Brooklyn Decker). She was a teacher of a high school student. After she found out about her significant other’s affair, she left him for good. She moves out of his apartment and moves to an apartment with 3 male roommates.

The three boys included Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. Nic is intelligent and wants to be a lawyer but due to poor financial conditions, he has dropped out from there. Schmidt was a businessperson with an offbeat personality. Winston had been a sportsman, but now he’s clueless about what to do. Their life changed after the arrival of this new bubbly girl, Jess.

The showrunner did a fantastic job with season 8!!!New Girl Season 8

Is There Any Trailer Available for New Girl Season 8?

Season 8 of the series has been canceled, and we might not see season 9. However, here is the farewell video for this season before it all ends.

What Is the IMDb Rating of New Girl Season 8?

The series is popular and has a rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where to Watch the New Girl Series?

The new Season 8 of the “New Girl” series is set to release on November 15th, and you can find it streaming on both Netflix and Hotstar.

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Final Verdict

This series is for people who like shows such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother. The characters are quite hilarious and the show is surprisingly more enjoyable than you may expect it to be considering the main character lives with three male roommates. The plot is interesting but unrealistic. Your eyes are glued to the screen while watching it. It’s lighthearted and can be enjoyed with humor.

If you have not yet watched it, there are currently a few of the episodes available on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the new girl?

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