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Sinister 3 – renewed or canceled? everything you need to know

I am sure that all of you who like horror films have heard of Sinister 3. If you are a true lover of horror movies and have watched some  Sinister movie series before, then you will want to hear about this one.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the expected Sinister 3.

The first season of the franchise came on October 12, 2012, in the United States of America. Sinister was released as a 109-minute long movie.

After generating an $87.7 million box office with an incredible budget of only $3 million, Sinister director and writer Scott Derrickson created the sequel to this horror flick in 2015.

With such high profits on the first film, Scott decided to make a sequel. The second (part) of the franchise is Sinister 2. It was released on August 19, 2015.

Sinister 2‘s box office totals were not terrible. It made around $52 million worldwide with a budget of $10 million.

Is Sinister 3 Cancelled?

I must tell you that there will be no Sinister 3. Jason Blum, the producer of the first two films, was very candid in his interview revealing it all boiled down to a matter of money.

Jason was not satisfied with the performance of Sinister 2. It’s visible during his interview he wasn’t happy with some of what the marketing team did for him. His last words were, “every movie we make is noble or, some are less noble.” He didn’t know what went wrong; everything was complicated to him.

Though six years have passed since the release of Sinister 2.

The possible Plot of Sinister Season 3

This supernatural horror movie, Sinister, was an instant critical hit when it was released in theaters back in 2012. With the success of the first film, Blumhouse Productions took over production for part two.

At first, Elliot seemed to be getting over the night’s events, but he soon discovered something in his basement: a box. The box contained an 8mm projector and many reels of footage.

A home movie was the label on each 8mm reel depicting a murder from a time when this house was occupied by families. The murderer, clad in black, is seen holding the camera and executing every victim.

In the next scenes, Elliot attempts to find help with revenge against Shiloh. Consequently, this makes the scene very exciting and intense.

This Ethan Hawke-starring film is a complete delight and should not be missed.

Will the Movie Series Ever Return?

As of now, it seems impossible for the movie to release another sequel. Sinister came out in 2015 and, as of 2018, it has been very long since then.

Streaming services haven’t yet seen a need to revive the series until now. These networks pick projects based on their popularity and demand.

As of now, Sinister has not been as well-liked as the others. The successful horror production company, Blumhouse Productions, is not interested in investing in the dead franchise of Sinister.

Sinister 3

So all we know for sure is Sinister will not be returning.

Until now, it has been clear that we will not be awaiting Sinister 3. We can completely understand your desire for a movie, but there isn’t one. So let’s say if they made Sinister 3.

Let’s hope the directors Scott Derrickson, and Ciaran Foy have mixed feelings about a third Sinister and get excited.

And if Scott is reading this, please make Sinister 3!

Trailers of Sinister Film Series

Originally released on October 12, 2012, Sinister 1 can be watched online at Movieclips Trailers. Sinister 2 trailer is available on YouTube.

Rating of Sinister Franchise

Sinister 2 was poorly rated on Rotten Tomatoes with 15 out of 100 ratings and an IMDB rating of 5.3 out of 10.

Where Can You See Sinister?

Watch both Sinister 1 and 2 on Netflix. You can also watch it for free on Google Play Movies.

It can be bought on Google Play Movies.


The Sinister franchise is a great watch, and we highly recommend it to be added to your watchlist. How do you feel about Sinister? Let us know in the comments.


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