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Chain Chronicle Anime Complete Watch Order Guide For 2021

Chain Chronicle Anime Complete Watch Order

Chain Chronicle Anime Complete Watch Order

All you need is loyal allies, encouraging friends, and a lot of bravery when all hope is lost and you have to start from the bottom.

The plot of Chain Chronicle is about a group of youths who are trapped in the future after an accident causes the world to end.

You’ll see how a group of aliens, led by a menacing Doctor Doom, has just discovered the remains of ancient New York City in this video clip presentation. They’re not all that pleased to discover that you’re still alive and must now fight to protect their city from your impending arrival. If you enjoy well-planned out action sequences, this movie If you enjoy shows like Berserk and Re Zero, make sure to watch Chain Chronicle!


Release Order

I. TV Series

II. Movies


Chronological order


The Chain Chronicles release order is the same as its chronological order, which you should follow in order to watch it smoothly.

You can either watch the series or the movies, depending on your mood.

Quick Review

Story and Characters

The Chain Chronicle’s narrative is a bit muddled. The action begins abruptly, with us being plunged into a war between the protagonists and the dark king.

A frightened book must be guarded, and important figures appear to vanish at random. There is no standard introduction to this strange realm, which is a little unsettling.

In other words, the cliches in this story were neither forced nor overdone. They helped to explain the world’s setting gradually.

The narrative is more ensemble than individual. This adds to the narrative’s appeal.

The cartoon’s cast of characters is diverse, but each has a distinct personality. The voice actors are fantastic, and the characters have excellent development throughout the series. Toward the conclusion, they demonstrate a clear depiction of the protagonist’s greatest strengths.

II. Animation and Sound

Chain Chronicles’ animation is fantastic. It’s very detailed and attractive. The backgrounds in particular are quite lovely. The action sequences are all well-choreographed and intense.

The soundtrack is similar to that of a game, with strong and beautiful beats. It adds to the animation’s beauty, causing goosebumps during the major confrontations.

TV Series vs. Movies

There isn’t much of a difference between the events in Chain Chronicles movies and TV episodes. The only significant distinction is that the TV series has a theme song for each episode.

Essentially, the TV series is made up of 20-minute episodes.

You may fast-forward or rewind the movies depending on whether you’ve seen the TV series or not.

About Chain Chronicles

The anime adaptation of a mobile RPG game called Clash of Clans is called Clash of Clans Chronicles.

The anime series is based on the web novel of the same name, which was written by Yuji Noriki and published under his pen name Noriaki Yuiki. The story follows a young girl named Rem who has lived in darkness since she was six years old and wants to destroy her chains and become free.

The tale takes place in Yuguto, a vast empire divided into numerous kingdoms ruled by several rulers.

Despite minor squabbles among these nations, their rulers frequently meet together and converse in order to maintain peace in their own territories.

However, when a sinister army appears and threatens the tranquility, everything goes wrong.

They steal half of a terrified book called the Chronicle, which holds the story of all humanity, after the sinister force conquers the volunteer force (the good guys).

The volunteer army launches a campaign to recruit more allies and educate them in the ways of combat.