Homeland Season 9: More Seasons Coming Or Cancelled?

Homeland Season 9

The latest news about Homeland Season 9. An American spy drama, Homeland is a very famous creation of Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. The show’s title draws its inspiration from Prisoners of War.

Homeland was a tv show with many big-name actors, but the main character was Carrie Mathison, an agent for the CIA.

“Damian Lewis stars as Nicholas Brody, Mandy Patinkin plays Saul Berenson, Morena Baccarin portrays Jessica Brody and David Harewood is David Estes.”

The Homeland TV series story revolves around a few characters with Carrie Mathison as one of its leading roles. An intelligence officer, her life is messy all day. A CIA agent, she conducts an unauthorized operation in another region called Iraq.

Homeland is loved by the fans and has had eight seasons since October 2, 2011. The latest season ended on April 26, 2020. Creator took a decision to end the show…


Why was Homeland Season 9 Cancelled?

The show’s ratings are low and the viewership is going down. According to demographic reports, the Homeland only has an average rating of 0.14 among adults 18-49 and 834,000 people watching each week. This represents a decline in viewers by 53% when comparing this season with last season and 32% declines from last year’s

In an interview with the show’s producer, they said-

Sadly, I do think so. It was a really powerful experience.

And I think the story is complete

[Homeland] co-creator Howard Gordon said, “Never say never,” but he believes there’s a good chance that the show will come to an end.
“We’re grateful for the experience and are ready to go on and do something else,” [he] says

You will likely never see her again in the next 5-6 years.

No Homeland for a while, according to the director.

… “This country is what we’ve been working for and it’s worth fighting for.”

The scene is intense.

I think the moment for me when I knew Homeland was over forever was actually saying goodbye to it in its entirety and fully recognizing how huge of a series that would be.

There were many tears shed, and we embraced one another for an extended period. My rating of Homeland (2012 – 2020) is 8/10 IMDb. I watched the first 2 seasons of this show but it has been steadily declining in quality and I am only going to give it a 7.

Homeland is a great show and I recommend it.

After airing ninety-six episodes, Homeland is ending. It’s been a difficult decision for both the actors and producers but they feel it’s the right time to say goodbye to fans.

Where We Can Watch The Homeland Series?

The show is available to stream on both Netflix and Amazon Prime videos.

Last Lines

The Homeland series has come to an end and will not be returning in the future. The followers of this show are disappointed by this news, as they had hoped for a renewed season of episodes.

After a long wait, Homeland has finally returned with its ninth season.

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