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Vikkstar Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Income, Earnings (2021)

The internet has been an outstanding platform for youths to develop careers for getting sufficient exposure and financial resources. In this regard, the famous YouTuber Vikkstar has been generating entertaining content on YouTube, allowing him to establish a name for himself. In addition to that, YouTube also earns him money. Vikkstar biography, according to Moneypromaxsuggests that would Vikkstar is a member of both the Sidemen and The Pack.

Real name Vikram Singh Barn
Vikkstar net worth $9 million
Date of Birth August 2, 1995
Nationality British
Age 26 years


Vikkstar started filming YouTube videos at an early age and soon became famous as the Internet superstar. 2021 estimates suggest that the Vikkstar net worth is $9 million. Netizens are aware of the Vikkstar123 YouTube channel. The platform has been growing immensely since its inception in 2010. Vikkstar, his fan base over time through streaming titles including Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto V. Vikkstar has realized the youthful dream of earning millions by doing what he enjoys. He has always mentioned that how he loves playing video games and filming videos. Vikkstar loved presenting himself in front of the camera. Also, fans love the brilliant Vikkstar gameplay. Gradually, he started earning fame as one of the members of the YouTube gaming groups such as the Sideman and The Pack.


Vikkstar Girlfriend

Vikkstar wife revelations mention that he is dating the stunning woman Ellie Harlow. Also, at a point, he came up with the caption: ‘Low-quality photo, high-quality couple.’

Early life and Career 

Vikkstar’s Childhood mentions that Vikkstar real name is Vikram Singh Barn. He has been a British citizen with Indian ancestry. In 1995, Vikkstar was born in Sheffield, England and had two older brothers. Though some people feel that Lewis Redman is the Vikkstar brother, it is not true.

Vikstar attended Silverdale School from 2006 until 2013, where he was regarded as a brilliant student with an outstanding academic record. He received a lucrative offer to study Natural Science at University College London while completing his A-Levels. Despite this, he made the difficult decision to pass up the opportunity and pursue a career in YouTube.

During an interview, Vikkstar mentioned how he makes roughly $2 million alone from Minecraft servers. Also, he added that he invests a large portion in activities he enjoys. He loves to spend time travelling, exploring new locations, and engaging in greater adventure. Likes of KSI, W2S, and Miniminter made Vikkstar the fourth most subscribed member of The Sidemen. Vikkstar became famous when he published a diss track named ‘The End- Sidemen Diss Track Reply’. Through that, Vikkstar addressed Dejion India’s 71st Independence Day before some time. Vikkstar also loves the idea of publishing gaming videos on various platforms in addition to.

Vikram Singh Barn, aka Vikkstar, had a difficult time adjusting to the culture of Sheffield, England. At a point, Vikkstar passed the problematic stage when he entered the University for a career in YouTube. Vikkstar attended Silverdale School for his education. 

Also, he got the opportunity to study Natural Science at University College London. But, Vikkstar loved a career in YouTube instead. Vikkstar, the British-Indian vlogger, initially uploaded Minecraft gameplays and how-tos. Later, he started streaming Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare videos. 2013 updates have highlighted that Vikkstar started playing Grand Theft Auto V plenty of the other YouTubers, known as the Sidemen. The motto of the group is uploading challenges and various skits on their channel. Vikkstar left the Sidemen house in 2018 and remained a member of the group.

Vikkstar lives in an apartment in London. He has been there since he left Sidemen house in December 2018.

Vikkstar, the talented British YouTuber and streamer, is now growing immensely on YouTube. Moreover, he has proved himself the eminent co-founder of Sidemen. The YouTube channel made for gaming is gaining more fame over the years. The Entertainment channel is flourishing with the addition of new subscribers. Moreover, people find the games, like Fortnite Warzone, Call of Duty, and other games that he streams, pretty enticing that is increasing his fame. Moreover, you cannot deny that the YouTuber has also earned over 100 thousand dollars from tournaments.

A highlight on the earnings

Vikkstar123 estimated earnings from the Vikkstar123 YouTube channel is $790,000 per year from his YouTube advertising income. In addition to that, he makes money from merchandise sales (Sidemen Clothing) and sponsorships. Vikkstar123HD and VikkstarPlays, with 4.32 million subscribers as and over 1.1 billion channel views combined, earn him $270,000 per year.

On average, a video Vikkstar123 receives 735,000 views, with the highest video witnessing around7.4 a million views. The most viewed video, “THORPE PARK VLOG with The Sidemen,” have earned over $30,000. Vikkstar123 YouTube channel witnesses 16 million views per month with $10 CPM.

Though the major source of income is the videos of him live streaming Fortnite and Call of Duty, yet he makes money from the other businesses. Also, he has been busy managing his side businesses, including the Sidemen’s merch and brand partnerships.

November 2020 updates mention that Vikkstar became a co-owner of Royal Ravens, which serves as a Call of Duty League based in London. Royal Ravens and Vikkstar will be launching new content formats. In addition to that, Vikkstar will host eSports competitions.

Final words

Vikram Singh, aka Vikkstar, the British YouTuber and streamer, has seen hardships too in his life. Today, he is the real example of how your struggles show you the path to success. 

Moreover, today, Vikkstar is a successful and famous streamer who has associated with YouTubers, including Sidemen, MrBeast, PewDiePie, Dream, and many others. Also, he has featured some of these YouTubers while streaming. Ina addition to that, the entire YouTube community acknowledges him of being the Vikram is the new co-founder of a new company ReKT Global. Team of a game Call of Duty has also been a reason behind his successful YouTube career. Stay tuned to receive further updates.

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