SMPLMART- Login & Registration – Is is Fake or Fraud?

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Smplmart recharge multi level marketing company Smplmart is an Indian market place which allows users to buy and sell products online. Smplmart brings another twist by introducing SmplMart Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program.

The SmplMart MLM can be called as a sign of beacon of hope for unemployed people in India, who want to make some extra bucks on side and work part time. And not only that SmplMart helps freelancers implement their ideas by providing them with the platform where they can sell their products or services directly to the interested customers rather than going through any intermediary agent who usually takes some hefty amount as commission. SmplMart aims at bringing new revolution in market place businesses, as it introduce SmplMart MLM program. SmplMart also not only helps people to buy products by paying in installments but also provides Smpl points which can be used to purchase the product at a discounted price or sold online for an extra Smpl point.

SMPLMART Basic Concept

SmPLMart (SUBHOTAM Multitrade Pvt Ltd) Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program is actually opposite of traditional mlm concepts where you have to pay every time when you sell things, while SmPLMart MLM will charge customer on monthly basis(20%) for subscription services provided. You get one time commission when your referred user register for new SmPLMart account(10 Smpl points).

Smplmart recharge multi level marketing company SmMlMart MLM program is very simple and easy to enroll. Smplmart will provide you with a JOB CARD which can be used for SmMLM registration. SmMLM registration should be done at the nearest Smplmart store location, where your job card should be submitted along with required documents like photo id proof, address proof, salary slip & bank statement Since Smplmart works on referral based model so if someone registered using your code then you get the 10 Smpl points as commission inspite of paying 20% subscription fee.

Smplmart recharge multi level marketing company SmplMart is mainly focused on people living in the suburbs of India where it aims to provide them with equal business opportunities. Smplmart tries to introduce new approach in market place, which is not followed by any Indian firm yet.

Is Smplmart is Fake?

yes, the company is fraudulent and fake. Many people lose their money after investing money in this company. Now, even the website is not opening and people are complaining about

Can You Recover Your Money From

No, you can’t recover your money because you willingly invested your money. You can file case in court but need legal documents.

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