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How did Ed Warren die?

Monroe’s Ed and Lorraine Warren had been two of the most outstanding paranormal researchers of the previous era.

With the launch of “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” the performance of the Warrens has as quickly as once more been forged into the limelight.

They examined some of the most well-known alleged headquarters in the past, including the “Amityville Horror” and the Enfield Poltergeist. While each of the Warrens has because they went, they have issued a legacy of paranormal investigations.

Here are a few of the couple’s most productive activities. At some stage in their nearly 4-decade records of paranormal investigations – some of which occurred.

‘The Devil Made Me Do it.

This Brookfield paranormal trial is the groundwork in the back of today’s “Conjuring” film — “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

In 1981, Arne Cheyenne Johnson hit and shot Alan Bono, alleging that he was once owned via a vampire when he dedicated the crime.

It used to be the first time in the American court docket gadget a defense alleged “diabolical territory.”

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The Warrens spent time with Johnson and his household and claimed motive in the “demonic possession” theory. 

However, a choice sooner or later left out this concept and sentenced Johnson to prison. The places he served five years earlier than being released.

The Snedeker House

This domestic in Southington would go on to be the thought for the contemporary horror classic, “A Haunting in Connecticut.”

The Warrens got here to look at as the domestic proprietors claimed that their son used to be experiencing character adjustments that had been violent. 

The householders additionally noted that apparitions would show up in the course of the home.

Reports continue to be conflicted about these incidents as it was once pronounced that the son had schizophrenia.


Annabelle was once a Raggedy Ann doll that used to be claimed to be haunted by way of the spirit of a younger female named Annabelle Higgins. 

The doll was once stated to have moved on its own; however, as soon as it used to be claimed through the Warrens in 1970, it was once positioned in glass information in their secret museum in Monroe.

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The personality of Annabelle has, due to the fact, come to be a staple in the “The Conjuring” franchise, with three films devoted to the records of the doll.

In 2020, a rumor began that the doll had left its place at the museum. However, these rumors have been disproven as the baby stays in Monroe.

‘The Conjuring House’

Folklore insists that this 18th century domestic in Harrisville, R.I., is “haunted” by using a lady. That lady killed herself and her infant to hang out with any residents who dared step foot in the house.

In 1974, the Warrens made a couple of journeys to the domestic to check out claims of levitating beds and the odor of rotting flesh. Their journeys to the residence would be chronicled in the first “Conjuring” movie.

Forty-five years after Warren’s research of the propositions, the residence was once bought by way of a new household that has opened the domestic to paranormal investigations.

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