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I’m Getting Ripped Tonight Meme: Viral Tiktok Trend Meaning EXPLAINED!

I'm Getting Ripped Tonight

On March 5, 2021, a TikTok user called @ali.scyn posted a clip shooting the dance she named for “D–k,” a currently launched music via Doja Cat and StarBoi3 — and quickly enough, a new TikTok style used to be born. Here’s what you ought to comprehend about the “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” trend.

“I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” TikTok Trend Meaning Explained

The “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” vogue started as a simplistic remake dance following Doja Cat and StarBoi3’s contemporary ditty (which consists of the lyrics). 

As @ali.scyn confirmed in her video, these keen to be a part of solely want to muster an elementary if no longer dependable choreography — which entails directing your head backward, concurrently lifting your fists to expect an energy pose, and turning your head left and proper ever so subtly.

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Nextly, you will choose to use each finger to create what can solely be described as a helicopter-like, rotating movement earlier than putting each finger on your chest. For the end, you will favor elevating each finger in the air in an easeful style.

A phrase of recommendation for these keen to exercise the dance routine: Playing “D–k” in a domestic shared with conservative-minded dad and mom can also result in a few uncomfortable sights later on. Although the refrain is pretty vague, the relaxation of the tune is something but.

Liked using 141,000 humans and counting, the video uploaded using @ali.scyn shortly grew to supply ideas for many high-flying TikTok users such as Addison Rae, Emma Chamberlain, etc.

TikTok Creator Addison Rae Posted About Viral Meme

For her take, Addison got here up with a sassier and even less complicated routine, bending her head and setting her palms on her chest earlier than casting a giant smile at the camera. She wore a magenta crop pinnacle and relaxed biker shorts in the clip.

Some TikTokers, like @fenwickal (Abby Fenwick), blended the dance with a go reminiscent of the heydays of the Crazy Outfit Change Challenge, the usage of the final few seconds of the clip to flaunt a greater state-of-the-art pinnacle and gown combo that should without problems work for a night time out.

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An influencer, @clurry.mcflurry merges the aesthetic of an old-school domestic video with that of the “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” trend. While filming the dance, she accidentally captured a mild mishap, with an individual head-butting a gate in the background.

The catchy tune rapidly took over different social media structures such as Twitter as well.

Some human beings referenced the lyrics in tweets showing their unceasing perception of famous tune agencies such as BTS. Others carried it to Twitter to draw interest to the surprising facet results of staring at one too many “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight”–themed movies in a row.

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