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Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend: Dating History To Everything We Know!

Alexandra Daddario is incredibly tight-lipped regarding her love lifestyle; however, that hasn’t stopped fans’ concern about who The White Lotus megastar is dating and whom she’s been connected to in history.

While the 35-year-old star has taken walks to preserve her relationships some distance from peering eyes. The theme of her romantic affairs has usually been one of the great pastimes mainly because her relationship resume consists of pretty a few well-known names, like Zac Efron and Logan Lerman.

Please take a glance at her relationship records below.

Who Is Dating Alexandra Daddario?

Daddario’s cutting-edge boyfriend is American movie producer Andrew Form, who is 17 years her superior. Fans must be acquainted with Form’s work in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its 2006 prequel.

The star is regarded for being very non-public regarding her private life, which is why followers were amazed and happy when she made her bond Instagram-official in May. 

She shared a candy picture of the two snugglings and a winning caption that read: “It was once darkish and bloodless and wet today, a horrible sequence. And it didn’t make it hotter to wrap him up in my palms; however, it did make it all appear stunning and pleasant and joyful.”

Alexandra Daddario Ex-Boyfriends

Jason Fuchs

Daddario’s initial public boyfriend was once artist and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. The two are the equal age and started a relationship lower back in 2006. They had been collectively for three years, with Daddario being cited as announcing that Fuchs used to be her “first love.”

Brendan Wallace

Before loving Form, Daddario was once in a relationship with star Emma Watson’s ex, tech business guy Brendan Wallace, 38. The two were first connected in mid-2019 and created headlines for getting a romantic day out to Italy that summer.

Based on Who’s Dated Who, Daddario and Wallace had been collectively for two years, among April 2019 and April 2021.

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“In August 2019, the pair said being engaged after Daddario gleamed a ring on her finger”.

A New York native simply like Daddario, Wallace is CEO and leading associate of mission capital company Fifth Wall Ventures, as nicely as co-founder of Cabify, the most excellent ride-sharing provider in Latin America. Daddario nonetheless follows him on Instagram.

Zac Efron

In 2017, Daddario was once rumored to be courting Zac Efron, 33, after the two performed every other’s love pastime in Baywatch. While she and Efron in no way formally established their relationship, People stated in May 2018 that they had seen every different “on and off” on account of co-starring in the movie.

Fans thought that the stars had taken their passion off the seashore and into actual life. That triggered Daddario to deny the rumors in May 2017.

Logan Lerman

Daddario’s listing of ex-boyfriends additionally consists of her Percy Jackson co-star, Logan Lerman, 29. The two no longer solely dated however have been even becoming extremely good serious, turning into engaged in December 2014.

Daddario and Lerman have been “one of the most loved movie star couples in the 2010s.” They have been collectively for six years, beginning from July 2009 and up till August 2015.

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The pair are cut up “was due to their annoying timetable as actors due to the fact Logan Lerman was once in the center of making Perks of Being a Wallflower movie.”

At the moment, reports cautioned that Lerman finished the relationship, with Kpop Starz arriving on Daddario’s mysterious tweet that “love is a lie” and her flirty note to Trainwreck famous person Bill Hader.

After their breakup, she reportedly moved on to date baseball participant Ben Verlander.

Final Words

That’s all about Alexandra Daddario and her dating life. I hope you like this post. Stay tuned with us for more news and info!

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