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What Are Stonks And History Of Meme Stonks

Stonks Meme

Amid an ongoing, whirlwind saga involving video games retailer GameStop, a Reddit discussion board recognized as r/WallStreetBets, and more than one hedge fund, one phrase has been on the tip. Of everyone’s tongue: “stonks.”

An intentional (and admittedly exceptionally funny) misspelling of the phrase “stocks” stonks started as a meme in the latter 1/2 of the 2010s and has become a fixture online since. 

As Slate’s Jordan Weissmann wrote, “stonks” has become a famous phrase in the dialogue around internet-fueled boosting of the not likely shares such as GameStop.

It’s little shock that the meme has become symbolic of the ongoing saga, which has been dominated using a David vs. Goliath narrative of Redditors banding collectively to skyrocket the cost of GameStop inventory at the price of hedge money who guessed it is falling. 

In the time on account that GameStop’s inventory commenced rising meteorically, day merchants have focused on other agencies consisting of AMC, Nokia, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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While the meme has witnessed its most enormous explosion in 2021, it has been around when you consider that 2017 and has circulated in economic meme circles (and broader web culture) for years.


You can not discuss “stonks” besides speaking about why it is humorous in the first place: it is a ridiculous way to say “stocks.” Similar dramatized mispronunciations have been around in the meme way of life for ages. 

The humorous pronunciation is a section of (if no longer genuinely the entire) joke, and it lends brevity to the thinking of stocks, and money, in general.

The actual, visible “stonks” meme points to a face recognized as “Meme Man,” a smooth, bald facsimile of a 3D human head that reportedly emerged on 4chan and unfolded online in the latter half of the 2010s. 

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The stonks meme gussies Meme Man up in a suit, locations him towards a blue history of varying percentages, arrows, and numbers, and juxtaposes him in opposition to the phrase “stonks” with an orange arrow vaguely pointing up.

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