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Dark Souls 3: Best Armor Sets! A Complete Guide!

Dark Souls 3, the ultimate approach in FromSoftware’s essentially acclaimed privilege, takes all of the factors that labored so correctly in previous Soulsbourne names and expand upon them to create a medieval delusion masterpiece. 

The sport elements dozens of new enemies, weapons, consumables, and armor sets. Though tweaks to Dark Souls 3’s personality leveling mechanics have rendered armor much less quintessential than in prior sequence entries, it does no harm to seem top-notch while scrounging for souls thru the Kingdom of Lothric.

Whether an amateur at hacking and slashing thru hordes of demons or a collection veteran searching to optimize a personality build, do not omit these ten excellent units of armor.

Catarina Set

An iconic set of armor from the Dark Souls franchise, the Catarina Set seems in every sport in the series. 

With its excellent onion-shaped helmet, the armor worn via the Knights of Catarina affords huge boosts to electricity a poise while being vulnerable to Curse and Strike damage.

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This standout set can be bought from Patches in the Cathedral of the Deep or located in Yohrm’s boss area after ending Siegward of Catarina’s sidequests. For the most ruthless gamers inclined to suffer a grueling fight, the armor set is additionally dropped by using the knight upon his death.

Xanthous Set

While mage builds arguably obtain the least from armor in Dark Souls 3, the Xanthous Set stands aside with super protection and elemental resistance for the magically inclined. 

This armor used to be worn by students of misplaced sorceries, and variants on it have been protected in every Dark Souls game.

Its fabric aspects render this garb distinctly inclined to fire; however, mix the armor with the spell-boosting Crown of Dusk, and the Xanthous Set can not be beaten. After providing the Shrine Maiden the Xanthous Ashes, she can buy the armor for twenty-four thousand souls.

Dragonscale Set

This armor with a unique headdress belongs to the Nameless King, viewed as the most demanding boss in Dark Souls three. 

Though nameless, it is extensively speculated from in-game lore that the king who wears this armor is the son of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.

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Once felled, gamers can buy the boss’s armor at Firelink Shrine. As its identity implies, including dragon rules, the Dragonscale Set provides exquisite protection in opposition to fire. 

Though the Nameless King wields lightning all through his come across with the Ashen One, this armor is rather weakest towards lightning damage, the bane of dragons.

Exile Set

The Exile Set stands aside from different heavy armor in its balanced elemental resistance and sturdy protection in opposition to bleeding damage.

Though it would not make the listing for Dark Souls 3’s most elegant outfits. The Exile Set is a darkhorse preference for electricity and vitality builds searching to tank their way via an onslaught of demons.

It can be bought in Firelink Shrine after beating the two Exile Watchdogs securing the way to Farron Keep.

Morne’s Set

Worn by way of Eygon of Carim, this stylish, matte-black set of armor boasts high-quality elemental resistance at the fee of weak spot to darkish and poison damage. 

For this reason, Morne’s Set is now not the first-rate ideal for a fight in opposition to skeletons or bosses like the Deacons of the Deep however provides tremendous perks otherwise.

It can be bought each using finishing Eygon’s sidequest and through slaying Eygon in battle. But beware: this armor set is as robust as it looks, and the Knight of Carim places up a challenging fire. 

Morne’s Great Hammer is also regarded as one of Dark Souls 3’s first-rate weapons for genuine completionists.

Smough’s Set

This iconic armor recollects one of the most challenging bosses in the unique Dark Souls game, Executioner Smough. Larger than life, this armor boasts the most straightforward protection in Dark Souls three and the heaviest weight. It making it nearly vain for high-dex builds.

However, for gamers looking to emphasize strength, defense, and vitality, Smough’s Set can’t be overwhelmed and approves game enthusiasts to tank their way through enemies and bosses alike. 

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After defeating Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, it can be bought in Firelink Shrine for thirty-one thousand souls. 

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