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Is Joel Osteen DIVORCED? Rumors & Marriage Problems EXPLAINED!

Perhaps you were searching online for Is Joel Osteen Divorced or Is Joel Osteen married? Keep reading.

There is so much inconsistency in what has been said about the popular minister’s married life that it may be impossible to ascertain the truth. The only sources who would actually know are Joel and his wife, Victoria. With that said, there was a rumor that began circulating years ago that he had divorced his wife (that was later proven untrue). There are many other false rumors out there; we’ll try to dispel them all right here!

The When-To-Believe Theory: If ‘Joel Osteen’ says it on TV/video, believe it – if ‘Victoria Osteen’ says it on TV/video, believe it – if ‘’ says it, believe it – if some random person on the Internet says it, don’t believe it unless you can corroborate 3 other sources (starting with TV/video).

Who Is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen is a pastor and televangelist from Houston, Texas. As the son of a preacher man himself, he preached his first sermon in 1999 before taking over leadership at Lakewood Church—originally housed in an abandoned feed store—in 2005. Today, 43k live attendees come to hear him preach every week; thirteen million households tune in to watch it on television worldwide.

Joel Osteen, who lacks a traditional divinity degree and has never formally studied religion is the proponent of prosperity theology. Prosperity theology (also known as the positive confession movement)is based on three core beliefs: financial success and happiness are willed by God for good Christians; faith, not works determine whether one’s salvation is secure; sickness originates in the mind/spiritual realm rather than physical symptoms or biology.

Osteen has a net worth of $50 million, and he says none of it comes from his church. He claims that the majority of his wealth is due to book sales since releasing six best-sellers in two years starting with “Your Best Life Now” which was on The New York Times bestseller list for over 150 weeks.

Instead of identifying as a member of one denomination, Osteen identifies himself as non-denominational and is not bound to certain expectations and rules. For example, while Catholic priests are forbidden from having wives, he has been married to Victoria since 1987.

Who Is Victoria Osteen?

Victoria Osteen was born on March 28, 1961, in Huntsville, Alabama. She spent her early childhood there until the age of two when she moved to Houston with her family where they remained for most of their lives. Victoria grew up attending church and learning about God from an early age under the guidance of both parents who were heavily involved at their local Christian churches as deacons and Sunday school teachers respectively

Victoria and Joel Osteen have two children. Their eldest child, Jonathan was born in 1995 and is a screenwriter by trade who graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in both English Literature as well as Screenwriting Production. Presently, he delivers sermons to youth members at Lakewood Church alongside his father so that they can learn more about Christianity while also learning how it applies to their own lives on an individual level.

How Joel And Victoria Osteen Met

In 1987, Joel Osteen met his wife Victoria when he walked into her mother’s jewelry shop to fix a broken watch battery. Two years after they first crossed paths in the store where she worked, they married and have been happily together ever since!

If Joel Osteen Is Married:

– Victoria and Joel were married in April 1987. They have two children: Jonathan and Alexandra.

– Joel had a vasectomy over 20 years ago! (A pastor revealed this during a sermon!) Is this true? Is he really divorced or is that rumor just another fat lie? You decide. Only one source of truth here: Lakewood Church Sermon Archives!

Is Joel Osteen Divorced?

The Answer is NO. Despite rumors that the couple divorced long ago, Victoria has been Joel’s wife for over 30 years.

So What About The Rumor That He’s Divorced?:

Well, there’s no way to prove that he isn’t divorced or that he is, but we can go by what reputable sources say. In 2007, posted this statement: ” Rumors have been circulating recently about the health of Victoria and Joel’s marriage. They are totally false! God has been dealing with Victoria and Joel regarding some personal growth areas in their lives…In doing so, He brought them closer together as husband and wife.” Is that a true statement? Is it a lie? You decide. Is Joel Osteen Married?: Yes! Is Joel Osteen Divorced?: No!


Rumors are just rumors; this is what Joel Osteen has said about the questions surrounding his wealth. He stated that he earns $70 million each year for being the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, and also generates income from books which have made him a New York Times best-selling author with five titles to date.

The couple receives an additional salary because his book became successful adding another $200,000 annually at least in addition to their lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Victoria alone who loves expensive designer clothing like her famous purse collection worth over half a million dollars comprising hundreds of bags costing thousands or tens of thousands per piece! Check out Joel Osteen’s official pages like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter Profiles.

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