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Art Of The Zoo Meaning Explained! How This Tiktok Trend Gone Viral


If you’re a TikTok user, then chances are that ‘art of the zoo’ has been popping up on your feed time and again. But what is it?

The latest trend to go viral on the platform involves participants Googling ‘art of the zoo,’ filming their reaction when they see this phrase pop up in search results – oftentimes humorously or weirdly so. The memes that ask social media users to Google random phrases have always gone viral because these answers tend to be humorous or surprising, like asking why chainsaws were invented resulting in an answer: To help with childbirth-yes really!

What Does ‘Art of the Zoo’ Mean and Why its Trending?

Using a series of hashtags on TikTok, users have expressed their outrage toward the art show at the zoo. They claim it’s not suitable for children and potentially a*ults as well. As this search term has S#xualy Explicite content on google as it is related to animal br*tality.

The hashtag #artofzoo has been used more than 6 million times with some people even sharing screenshots from Google where they found explicit images when searching ‘the art of zoos’ which is formally known as bestiality according to those who shared these photos online using this same hashtag. Some reactions include:

Art of Zoo Meaning on Google and Youtube

Art of the zoo was a P*rn website in the past that is related to A*ult and s*xual content. The content on the website was related to animals like Dogs and Horses.

‘Art of the Zoo’ Meaning Explored Casually

In the summer of 2018, a trend was started by two young girls who were simply curious. They wondered what people might say if they asked them to look up for “the art of zoo” and film their reactions.

As it turns out, many have been so tempted that before looking anything up on Google or YouTube, all you see is the question: ‘What would happen? What could I find? Will this be fun or just plain madness!’ However some are not even sure why should anyone care about an abstract concept like “art.”

There’s a reason why people react differently to the “Art of the Zoo” on TikTok. If you Google search for “art of zoo,” disturbing images will appear in your results and this is what makes some users uncomfortable when they watch it.

TikTok users react to ‘Art of the Zoo’

A new trend on TikTok is causing a mix of reactions. Some people are shocked and scared while others seem to enjoy what they see in the video comments. If you’re not sure about it, just be aware that there’s some potentially disturbing content ahead!

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