How To Check CPU Temperature In Windows And Mac

How To Check CPU Temperature

Checking CPU temperature is not a simple task. If you have a computer that has been overclocked, it could be higher than usual or show signs of errors during the check. It is not the case with an old computer, as these usually have all their components working correctly.

Check CPU temperature on Windows computer

  • To check your CPU temperature, you will need to access your computer’s BIOS. Your BIOS can be accessed in several ways.
  • Press F1 or Esc during the boot process of the computer. If you don’t know how to access your boot process, check with your manufacturer for more information on how to get into the BIOS of your computer.
  • Depending on which version of Windows is installed on your device, you may need to alter some settings manually.
  • Alternatively, you can access your BIOS settings by booting into safe mode. To do this, use the following instructions:
  • Restart your computer. When it boots, press F8 repeatedly until you are given the option to choose an operating system. Once you select Windows 7/8/10, hold down Shift and press the ‘R’ key simultaneously. Your computer will restart again with Safe Mode enabled. Now, open the BIOS setup.
  • After your device boots into Windows, you will need to navigate your BIOS settings to obtain the CPU temperature reading. The process differs depending on the model of computer you have.
  • Most modern computers have a software interface that can be used to access these settings. On this type of computer, you will find the option to check the temperature in your operating system’s BIOS. 
  • You can find this setting under Advanced or Hardware Monitor if your computer has multiple BIOS versions installed.
  • For older computers, you may need to look for this information in the BIOS menu. The basic input/output system (BIOS) is the first screen that displays on your computer when it boots. It’s typically a blue screen with white text, though it can differ depending on the manufacturer.
  • You may have to press the F2 or Del button while it’s booting to access these settings. Some computers have an option that says something similar to check CPU temperature near the top of the BIOS menu.

Check CPU temperature on Mac computer.

Mac computers have an info menu that can be used to check the CPU temperature. To access this menu, perform the following instructions:

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  • Right-click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your computer’s screen. Select About This Mac from the dropdown menu. Pick System Report from under Hardware in System Overview. 
  • You will see a chart appear with information on your computer’s hardware usage, including details about your processor. Choose temperature from the list.
  • The temperature displayed on the computer’s screen is the ambient room temperature. It means that no one has been in there or opened a window for a very long time. If you’re reading this from inside your home, then your processor will be too hot. Take preventive measures to keep it cool and free from dust and contaminants.

Final Words

It’s all about how to check CPU temperature. I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any questions, then tell us in the comments. Please stay connected with us for more news!

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