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Gamestop Labor Day Sale 2021: Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Deals

Gamestop Labor Day Sale 2021

Labor Day is coming up fast, and to celebrate the long weekend Gamestop will be holding another one of their infamous Labor Day Sales!

Beginning August 31st (Saturday), every Gamestop location across the world will knock an extra 10% off all pre-owned games, accessories, and systems. That’s right– everything in Gamestop that has a price tag on it can be bought for 10% less than the retail value during this sale including WiiU titles, PS4, PS5 & Xbox One titles, 3DS XL Gamestops.

Don’t forget about Gamestop’s trade-in deals either! During this Labor Day Sale, you’ll get $30 in credit when trading in any working ps4, ps5 console, or bundle. Similarly, when trading in any Xbox 360 or Nintendo WiiU Gamestop, Gamestop will give you $20 extra in credit.

Add these two incentives together and you get a grand total of $50 to spend on anything Gamestop sells (including games, accessories, systems, 3DS XL Gamestops, etc.) when trading in either a working ps5 console or bundle OR an Xbox 360 or Nintendo WiiU Gamestop.

Gamestop’s Labor Day sale is the perfect chance for gamers to buy new games without spending too much money! If this sounds appealing be sure to take advantage of Gamestop’s Labor Day Sale before it’s over!

Gamestop Labor Day Sale 2021:

Stores will be open for extended hours on Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 pm to kick off the sales. Gamestop said that they would have deals that were unbeatable throughout the week.

However, GameStop was not specific about any deals it would offer during the sale. They did say that every item in their store would be available at a discounted price, but they were unclear as to what items these referred too.


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