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Induction Hob And Its Working: Energy-Saving Technology


The induction hob is the energy-saving technology for cooktops available in many modern cookers, which consists of two tubs, each containing fluids that boil under the influence of an electromagnetic field. 

When you connect your cooker to an electricity supply, the hob is said to be “energized.” The fields below the tubs induce a magnetic field into the cooking surface, which then generates heat. First, heat is transferred into water that boils quickly and spreads it throughout your kitchen below.

It’s important to realize that induction cooking does not heat the cooktop itself. It heats only the pot or pan. The hob itself remains cool. As soon as you disconnect the power, it ceases to work, and all heat stops.

The principle of an induction hob is similar to an ordinary electrical transformer. In a transformer, electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy, which drives a core of iron wire in a circular motion around which the second coil of wire is wound. 

The hot, saturated steam in the tubs flows through pipes into the cooktop above. A magnet is used to produce electromagnetic fields that pour into the tubs, delivering power to boilers, thus creating heat.

The way this works is something like this. Inside an ordinary electric kettle are electromagnets that create magnetic fields when electric current flows through them. If you place a magnet close to these electromagnets, they pull on each other’s north poles and flow opposite ways until they are both repelled away from each other.

Best Type Of Induction System

It is essential to realize that the same principle works in an induction hob. The power generator, in this case, is an electromagnetic field. It creates a magnetic field, which induces a current through wire coils inside the pot or pan at the bottom of its water. 

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The electric wires are insulated, so the boiling water does not hurt them. This way, no heat reaches them directly. Instead, heat travels through the water toward them after an electromagnetic field above it has heated it.

The electromagnetic fields in the tubs in an induction hob can be generated with several different methods. For example, when high-frequency alternating current flows through powerful coils attached to the tubs, they produce intense “high-frequency” fields with low magnetic fields. 

It produces intense heat. The alternative is with “single-phase” systems, such as those in some older cooktops with ceramic or ferrite cores or coils placed inside the pot below.

Installation Of Induction Hobs

Installing an induction hob is the same as installing a normal electrical range. The main difference is that you must first connect it to your electricity supply and then plug the power cord into the bottom of the cooker’s electrical connection at the back or base of your cooker. 

If your cooker has a new cord connector, you may also need an adapter and some pipe. Generally, not all of the cookware and accessories for your cooktop will work with inductive technology.

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You must be careful to follow the instructions strictly. Induction hobs are designed with an electric range and should only be used on that kind of burner. 

For example, if you already have a gas cooker and want to replace it with an induction hob, it will only work with a gas flame and will not operate as intended. It will not transfer heat the way it is designed to do.

Induction Hobs: Caveats And Problems

The most important thing about induction cooking is that the pots and pans you use must be made of ferromagnetic materials. If they are not, then it will not work correctly. 

For example, when you try to cook with non-magnetic metals like aluminum, glass, or Teflon products, they will slide all over the surface of the hob. A unique pot called a magnetic cooker is used for this kind of induction hob.

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