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Enchantments Minecraft: A Complete Guide On Use Your Enchanting Table

Enchantments Minecraft

Before we get started, let’s have a look at the crafting supplies you’ll need. There are six enchantments you can create with your Minecraft enchanting table. 

With each enchantment, the table requires an ingredient that will be used to create it and then another to imbue it into the item your character will wield. Working out the elements is the first big hurdle in creating your first Minecraft enchantment.

What Is Enchanting Minecraft?

It’s one of the best ways to get powerful enchantments for your Minecraft game, but it isn’t an easy process. Enchanted items are items that have different properties based on their enchantments. For example, you might find a potion that turns the enchants of your enchanted item into dirty water.

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Enchanting is also why you need the ruby and diamond tools to create new enchantments. These tools and the tools that make them also let you create new enchants.

Best Enchantments In Minecraft 

Fire Aspect

If it hits an enemy, they take fire damage to their health, and their damage dealt with you is increased for a few seconds. The effect ends after 5 seconds or if it breaks contact with an enemy.

Mind Aspect

It will increase the speed at which you mine for a short time.


This enchantment gives you a chance to knock back your enemies when you hit them.

Fire Protection

It reduces the amount of damage you take from fire for five seconds.


It reduces the amount of damage you take from physical attacks, though it won’t reduce it below 1 point per hit (1/2 hearts).

Blast Protection

It reduces the amount of damage you take from explosions.

Making Minecraft Enchantments

To start enchanting your items, you need access to the Enchantment Table. You can’t craft it yet, though you can create all of the components required to make one with the appropriate tools. 

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The first item you’ll need is a diamond pickaxe, which requires an iron pickaxe and eight diamonds to make. You’ll need this to harvest obsidian, which is used in the construction of every table.

The components for your enchanting table are as follows:

–An iron ingot (for the legs)

–Eight gold nuggets (for the top and bottom of the table)

–64 gold nuggets (to fill in the gaps between each of the bars on the table)

The next step is to craft your table. The first thing you’ll need is to create an iron block, which requires four iron ingots. It will then be used to create your table frame.

How To Use Enchanting Table?

When you place down your table, pick up the top and right-hand sidebar. You can set aside the left and bottom bars at the moment, as we’re going to start with the top block.

You’ll need to make two diamonds and eight gold nuggets (or 64 gold ingots) before you can create your first enchantment. To do this, you’ll need a diamond pickaxe. 

Since the diamonds aren’t available to you yet or even an iron pickaxe, you’ll have to make eight gold ingots yourself. To craft two diamonds from one iron ingot, use a gold nugget on the top of your enchanting table. The result should be four gold nuggets, which you can now set aside for later use.

Minecraft Best Enchantments

Many Minecraft players have been unable to find a good enchantment for a while now, especially the powerful enchantments that can be obtained from a Minecraft enchanting table.

Gems And Gold

Gems and Gold are the most valuable of all the resources of this game. Therefore, you must pay more attention to these two resources. In addition, you will also need to pay more attention to the items you use in your creation of enchantments.


Mending is also beneficial to armor, repairing your armor when you get XP from slaying a mob. Once you remove the damaged armor pieces, you can immediately replace them with new ones.

Fast Mining is an excellent enchantment if you want to get more XP from your pickaxes. It increases the speed at which you mine stone blocks and diamonds by 50 percent. It works in conjunction with Mending so that when you collect XP, it repairs both your pickaxe and armor simultaneously.

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