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Slide And Puzzle With Dungeons In Temple Of Snek


Temple of Snek provides a new twist on the classic snake game. Guide your snake through a dark dungeon and solve the puzzles to open doors and escape.

The Temple of Snek is a dungeon temple with many rooms and chambers filled with mysterious and complex puzzles. You must control your snake to eat magical orbs and grow longer while avoiding spikes, pits, fire, monsters, and other obstacles. 

As you get longer, you can explore more of the temple opening new doors to previously inaccessible rooms.

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There are different playing strategies for each level. If you like matching, try to collect all the treasures around you or find the fastest way to pass the corridors. If you want adventure, look for holes in the walls and lead your snake through.

The game features a multiplayer mode, enabling you to challenge your friends and other players worldwide via online connectivity or LAN. You can also share your game experience on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Features Of Temple Of Snek

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