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NoSkyrim Mod Is Removed From Nexus Mod

Nexus Mods

NoSkyrim is a mod by ThatLittleCommie that stops you from playing Skyrim. You tap on the button, nothing occurs. That’s it. That’s the mod.

Over on Reddit, ThatLittleCommie explains why NoSkyrim was pulled from Nexus Mod. He says he received a “form letter” from the site’s legal team, accusing him of violating copyright law with his project. 

The trouble is that all he is doing is making Skyrim not work, which seems legally different from altering or removing copyrighted material. That’s not an opinion: that’s copyright law.

“The law says that I cannot prevent you from playing the game, and if I do, it’s copyright infringement,” says ThatLittleCommie. “I’m not preventing you from playing the game as such, as I’m not stopping anything from working or even installing – It just doesn’t do anything when you press play.”

He says he also received a similar warning from Curse, another popular mod site. “When you look at my mod and think of what I’ve done to it realistically, it should be obvious that it’s not protected under any law,” he says.

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That doesn’t mean ThatLittleCommie is going to take this lying down. He says he will have “a nice little chat” with his lawyer, adding: “I can tell you this for sure – I will be looking into legal action for this.”.

So that’s the story so far. It could get interesting. Stay tuned with us for such latest news!

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